You And Your Entire Family Will Be cursed For Doing These


A curse is a spiritual summon meant to invoke wrath on a person. Irrespective of the location of the cursed. The spirits being summoned will find their way to you and invoke the curses on you. Four junctions are a very powerful avenue for invoking curses. If a person curses you on a four junction, no matter where you are, even if you are spiritually inclined, that will be doom for you.

This is because that is the landing location of spirits. Every spirit who wants to land do so on a four junction road. And therefore this is a powerful location that is not to be toiled with. There are other places such as rivers, gutters, and every cemetery. When you are summoned in the cemetery there is no turning back because that is the gate of the hades.

The severity of a curse is dependent on the offense being committed to the offender.

Pastor Gideon Ofori in an interview with Naana Brown on J Ghana TV revealed that the effects of curses can be invoked when a person speaks it from the mouth. Utterances such as; you will suffer, God will punish you, you will never make it in life leads to curses.

The same mouth we eat with is the same mouth that invokes a curse. “The tongue is a very powerful part of the body that is the reason why it doesn’t decay during death” He shockingly revealed.

He moreover revealed that no one is immune to curses. Once you have offended, it will surely affect you. He mentioned some things you do that will lead to the curse of you and your family forever.

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Taking something that doesn’t belong to you, converting your neighbors’ wife, duping someone of money and property in the prospect of marrying him/her, and failing to do so. Taking advantage of your partner.

“Even the Bible can be used to invoke curses, especially Deuteronomy 28:28,” he said.

The best thing to do when you have offended someone is to go on your knees and seek forgiveness. Otherwise, you are not immune to their curse. Nobody is immune to curses.

The reason some men don’t make it in life is because of how they take advantage of ladies. The private part of a woman is a deity that drinks blood every month through menses, if she pulls her ass on the ground to curse you, she is invoking that deity on you. This is the result of so much suffering.

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