Lol: Watch How A White Lady Gave Yaw Dabo A ‘Broken Heart’

yaw dabo

Comic actor Yaw Dabo has suffered a broken heart from his white girlfriend.

A video posted online captures the moment Yaw Dabo decided to use his sugar-coated words on a white lady he met but unfortunately for him, he got snubbed.

In the video, he begs the white lady to become his ‘girlfriend’. The lady didn’t understand him well at the mention of ‘girl-friend’. Dabo tried to convince her of the kind of ‘girl-friend’ he is referring to.

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After several toasting and wooing, he got snubbed. This rejection gave him a ‘broken heart’ which he admitted at the end of the video.

Though it was a scene in a movie, the way he acted made fans think it was real.

Watch the video below:

Source: Instagram

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