Why You Must Never Give UP Even When All Hope Is Lost


    This is an inspirational story about two frog friends who, one gave up in times of crises and met his untimely death. On the other hand, the other frog never gave up and prevailed over crises.

    There were two frogs.These frogs were best Friends, like brothers. One was fat while the other was slim but they got along nevertheless. They were always looking for trouble and adventure, they were walking around the country side when suddenly they saw a farmer who left a bucket in front of his table. Curious as those two were, they went over to see the actual thing that was in the bucket. Because the bucket was too big, they couldn’t see through and so decided to jump in.

    The bucket was filled with milk but they couldn’t get out as the side were too slippery, so they were just swimming around. They swam and swam but still couldn’t get out, after one hour the fat frog told his slim friend “Brother frog!! there is no use paddling any longer, we are just going to drown. We will die! it is inevitable so you might as well give up, there is no point because, no one will come and save us nor will we turn into butterflies and fly away. We are doomed.”

    When all hope was lost for the frog friends

    But the slim frog replied “ Hold on brother fat frog, Keep paddling somebody will get us out eventually as long us we don’t give up, we won’t drown so we can’t die”. These frogs continued paddling for hours, as the sun started going down the fat frog once again prompted the other that “ I can’t go on any longer because there is no sense in doing this after all we are going to drown. I’ve given up already.” And the fat frog stopped swimming. He gave up and drowned.

    On the other hand, the skinny frog was devastated, he had lost his best friend since pondered day’s. He couldn’t hold back his tears but more determined than ever, he started paddling even faster and faster to null the pain. Suddenly around midnight he noticed that he had turned the milk into butter because he had been paddling for so long so he was able to jump out of the bucket. The lucky frog jumped back into the woods. He had made it but it was also sad moment for him because he had lost his best friend. He was also that he hadn’t been able to help his best friend to survive.

    Because his friend made the decision to give up he was doomed. You see we never loose as long as we don’t give up.

    Years later, he married and had a lot of frog sons. He named them all after his fat frog friend to keep his memory alive because he missed him so dearly. And every night he will tell his frog children “The Story of The Fat frog who gave up.” So that they will never give up in life. Life is hard and you have to be harder, always be grateful for what you have and never give up because as long as you don’t give up you will never loose.

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