WhatsApp Beaten By The New Signal App Messenger


The newest social handle, Signal App which appears to be the best alternative to the WhatsApp Messenger App, has beaten the Facebook-owned platform to the punch, Forbes News reports.

The new Signal private messenger is here to rock shoulders with WhatsApp, the world’s leading secure messaging App. Unfortunately, it appears that WhatsApp had some lapses with message encryption of which developers of Signal App messenger have addressed in the application.

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As good and as popular as the Facebook-owned platform might be, it still hasn’t deployed multi-device access in any meaningful way and that’s quickly becoming a serious issue.

But now, the Signal App being the best alternative has beaten WhatsApp to the core. Uber-secure Signal has started beta-testing new one-to-one video and voice calls from its brilliant desktop application.

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Social Proof Testimonials On The Signal App

“This release is one of the first steps towards our goal of enabling secure voice and video calls that are available on all of your devices,” Signal says.

Signal is growing quickly—driven by the push to security and its take-up during the recent protests in the U.S. and Hong Kong, where it was seen as the best, secure messenger for anyone concerned about interception, metadata or tracking. 

The Signal App has over 10M+ downloads on Google playstore alone and in no time, it could take WhatsApp’s market. For more info on the Signal messaging app, check forbes.com. Or DOWNLOAD THE SIGNAL APP FROM PLAYSTORE.

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