What Is Blogging And How Did It Evolve?



Expectations were really high on the part of so many a people. Especially, loved ones who had loved to take time off just to visit this site. And to know what exactly it was all about. Since news of it had spread abroad a couple of days before today’s launching. I would like to use this opportunity to welcome you all to Eth Studios. First of all, my heartfelt gratitude goes to all and sundry who took time off to subscribe to the site. Likewise, to await it’s launching.

My name is Derek Akoto Boahen, a level 100 student of George Grant’s University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa. Am the CEO and Administrator for Eth Studios and I write as, “Eth Hephzy”. And probably by now, you may still be wondering what Eth Studios is and what we have to offer.

Prior Observations

A high percentage of the people I had contacted on subscribing to the site before the D-day were to say the least, a little ignorant about what a blog was and what I will be sharing with this platform. I came across a lady on my WhatsApp handle who questioned me, “so how will it benefit me?”. And am sure this may be a likely question with you as well. First I was a bit uneasy, then later on I realized it was a very brilliant question. And of course, no one would want to “waste precious time” on something that would not necessarily benefit them. Either on a smaller scale or in a larger sense.

So I have decided to take time off to explicitly define and explain some few things. Firstly, what a blog actually is. Secondly, how it evolved and lastly, the impact it has brought to humanity. I would like for you to tighten your seat belts as we delve a little deep into it. Don’t worry, we are just going to scratch the surface. It wouldn’t be long enough, just a couple of seconds. Ready?

Blogging Defined

A blog is the short form for, ”weblog” which simply depicts an online write-up or informational website often written with informal diary-style text entries which displays information. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject and published on the World Wide Web. Blogging on the other hand is the act of sharing information on a blog along with a set of skills that enables an individual to run and control a blog. Equipping weblog with necessary assets to make the art of writing, posting, linking, and sharing content easier on the internet.

Why Blogging?

There are various reasons for blogging. Some are barely dedicated for personal use and others are for business purposes. But the underlying factor for most blogs is to share information to a targeted audience. Which could be the general public of internet users, be it personal, business or any other.

How Did Blogging Evolve And When?

Blogs form an integral part of most cultures around the world today. Moreover, are easily accessible almost everywhere in so much that, almost everyone reads blogs. Whether your interest targets at weather forecasts, digital marketing, motivations, career guidance etc, blogs got your back! From their initial inception until now, they have evolved and we expect them to rapidly continue changing in the near future.
The first blog ever(Links.net) traces back to the year 1994, created by Justin Hall, a US freelance journalist. It will interest you to know that during this time he was a student at Swarthmore University. The content he created was not referred to as a blog by then. It was just listed as a personal homepage.

In 1999, the word, ‘blog’ came alive when Peter Merholz, a programmer, reframed the term ‘weblog’ to ‘blog’. Merriam-Webster declared it the word of the year after some few years.
Blogs in this era were difficult to manage because bloggers were operating them manually. Very recently, blogs were the primal source of information for internet users. With the rapid increase of social media use, social networking has become a popular source of information.

Why Blogging Is Important

Blogging contributes a high factor of information and other internet resources for users all around the globe. In so much that, it can be almost considered immeasurable. Let’s make it simple using Google (the highest rated online search engine) for example. From research, for every 1 second, people conduct 63,000 searches on the Google search engine. Not to mention other search engines as Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com etc. And mind you, about 90% of the answers Google provides for its users come from individual and or business blogs. That simply means that, most of your project works and researches you have conducted on Google were answered by blogs. Now consider this and begin to imagine a world without blogs. Void of information right? Exactly yes, blogs are very essential and this is why Eth Studios is here.

Our Purpose For Launching Eth Studios

Our focus is in the same vein of all analysis above. Eth Studios seeks to present updates on news, sports, business, facts and history, kingdom reports, entertainment and more.

We are here to serve our audience with all diligence for the benefit of humanity. And we would love to hear from you on how we could improve Eth Studios to benefit most people. Is it an online program you would like us to host? Or a specific newsletter that will benefit most of the youth. Please let us hear from you. Kindly use the comment box below or write to us at contact.ethstudios@gmail.com

Visit our homepage here. Thank you for reading and kindly hit the bell icon on your screen to subscribe to this website.

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