Video: 4,300 Western Togoland Dragons Ready To Declare Independence

Western Togoland Dragons
Western Togoland Dragons

Video: 4,300 Western Togoland Dragons Ready To Declare Independence

In a new video that has surfaced online, the Western Togoland separatist revealed that their fully trained armed men are ready to declare the independence of the Western Togoland.

Their commander speaking in the background of the video said these 4,300 soldiers are not rebels but they only want to take what is rightfully theirs, to declare the Volta region a Western Togo land.

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These dragons are trained in a nearby country and in a few days to come, the Volta region would be declared a Western Togoland State.

“These are the Western Togoland Dragons Military Army. About 4,300 Dragons are been trained in a nearby country. They are ready to enter into their motherland Western Togoland. They are not rebels or militants. They are fully trained Military men. So nobody should be afraid of them. They are coming to deliver their motherland Western Togoland.”,

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Changing his ascent to ewe language he said “they are coming to deliver their country from slavery. They have worshipped Gold Coast Ghana for so many years. They are responsible soldiers. They are only angry that their members are been arrested by the Ghana police for no cause.”

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