Watch The Video: Prophet Naakwa Isaac Exposed


Ekuonaba in a video has exposed Naakwa Isaac for his supposed miracles and selling of all kinds of miracle items. The issue of prophets and their fake schemes has become rampant lately. Ever since Hon. Kennedy Agyapong began exposing them, the issue of fake prophets’ exposure has always been the order of the era.

According to him he prefers calling his church “a shop” because he has turned his church into a business center, selling all kinds of items in his church building including bread, prekese, salt, bandles, and even water.

Naakwa Isaac is now selling “This way chocolate drink” as a miracle item. Ekuonaba advised Ghanaians to beware of these fake pastors who go about following pastors. They should live a good life and pray to God and he will answer them.

Naakwa Isaac

He moreover said many Ghanaians have turned occult but they are not aware, this is because they purchase some items as miracle items from these pastors yet they do not know the origins of these items.

He hit him hard for a video he posted about miraculously replacing the kidney of a young child who is suffering from kidney damage.

Another was a video Naakwa Isaac posted with a coffin in his church and a supposed evil spirit was trying to spiritually lift the coffin to cause the death of the possessed. He dared the evil spirit to lift the coffin in what we see in Kumawood movies.

The worst of it all was the selling of This Way Chocolate Drink as a miracle item for the second time. This according to Ekuonaba is a true definition of fake prophesy only aimed at deceiving and extorting money from his church members.

He advised all Ghanaians to beware of these fake at these end times because they are leading innocent souls into hell.

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