Watch: Lady Beats Up Man After Being Caught Cheating In Her Room

lady beats up man
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A Nigerian has beaten the hell out of his boyfriend after she caught him red-handed cheating with another girl on their bed.

Cheating has become the norm of these days as people see it as having fun but in the actual sense, this is very detrimental to relationships leading to the collapse of many marriages and relationships.

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The lady entered her room only to find her boyfriend busily knocking another lady with all he can.

She got mad at the scene grabbed him and started giving him hot slaps. The lady beats up man mercilessly. That serves him right ehn? 

It seems the guy lives in the house of the lady as she was heard asking him to pack and leave.

Being disgraced he kept on asking for forgiveness.

Watch the video below:

Source: Celebritiesbuzz


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