Watch How Soldiers Punish Pedestrians : Lockdown Dairies


Watch How Soldiers Punish Pedestrians : Lockdown Dairies

Soldiers punish some pedestrians on Accra Adenta-Madina highway

The pedestrians are reported to have failed in complying to a simple instruction on using the footbridge on the highway. In light of this, the soldiers put them to such rigorous exercise for a punishment – Joy News reports. However, this is to enforce the use of the footbridge which many a people on the highway overlook. Meanwhile, the Ghana police service has arrested a total of 406 persons for failing to adhere to government policies in containing the spread of the global pandemic.

Lock down extended by one more week

In his recent address as the President of the 4th Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo extended the lock down in Accra and Kumasi by one more week. Thus he did all in the hope of mitigating the impact of the Corona virus in Ghana. Conversely, current reports show that a lot of Ghanaians fail to comply to simple policies in our bid as a nation to help fight the virus. Additionally, few reports surface cases where some people have attacked police personnel in rendering their service to the nation. Moreover, the Ghana police service and the Armed Forces are doing their best possible to implement it but Ghanaians won’t just stay home.

The president of Ghana to deliver his seventh address today

In the meantime, news reaching us is that H.E Nana Akuffo is delivering his seventh national address on Covid-19 today. The press coverage is dated as at 20:00GMT April 19th, 2020. However, allegations are calling for a total lock down in the country upon a spike in number of confirmed cases since the last national address.

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Watch How Soldiers Punish Pedestrians : Lockdown Dairies

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