Watch How People Worship Coronavirus For Protection

Coronavirus worshipers

In the face of the pandemic outbreak which has caused a serious global wave, some Indians have turned to worship coronavirus goddess to seek protection for their lives.

According to who cites a report from an Indian website, media reports of a group of women from a village in West Bengal had decided to fight the coronavirus in their own way by worshiping Corona Mai, or ‘Corona Goddess’. The report states in detail that these women set up a small shrine on the banks of Chinnamasta pond, near Asansol city, and started singing songs and mantras, burning incense and bringing offerings like fruits, vegetables, ghee, and jaggery.

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In the sense that, their believe in worshiping this goddess is to appease her until she takes away the pandemic. “We hope that Corona Devi ensures that the virus leaves us forever,”  – a 23-year-old worshiper told the Hindu. “Our offerings and chants will win us some respite from the virus“.

A statistical report on their physiques show ages of early 20s to late 70s amongst the women.“We have decided to worship Corona Devi every Monday and Friday till she becomes satisfied,” a 56-year-old woman said. Nevertheless, this assumed superstitious belief of worship did not occur to only women from West Bengal. Thus, while they set up a small outdoor shrine, one Kerala man set up a whole temple. The man identified as Anilan Muhoortham from the town of Kadakkal worships coronavirus as a goddess.

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“I have established this temple for Goddess Coronavirus in accordance with the constitutional freedom to worship. Goddess Coronavirus is being worshipped here,” he said. “I dedicate the temple to those health workers, scientists trying to find vaccines, police-fire & rescue officers, other media personnel, journalists and expatriates reporting the information in real-time.”

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This Is How Indians Worship Coronavirus Goddess

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