How To Protect Yourself From Spiritual Attacks By Washing Your Head With Coconut Water

washing your head with coconut water

Today we are going to discuss some important spiritual use of this coconut water. But before we move on to the spiritual benefits of coconut water and what would happen by washing your head with coconut water let’s look at some health benefits of coconut water.

Coconut helps to prevent urinary artery infection which is the most common infection that can affect everybody. Coconut water help to improve the health condition of your heart to make it function properly.

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It helps reduce weight in the body, regulate blood pressure and also good for digestion, if you have a digestion problem drinking coconut water will help you end those problems, it also helps in reducing the risk of kidney stones.

If you are very overweight and you want to slim drink coconut water three times in a week, this will help you loss some amount of weight and cholesterol level in your body.

Another wonderful benefit of coconut water is that it helps during pregnancy. Coconut water is very good, when pregnant, if you are a pregnant woman, I advise you take in coconut water frequently, it improves the general well-being of the unborn baby, both you the mother and the child.

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The fetus will grow very nice and help the baby come out looking good and healthy. Using coconut water to wash the head prevents unnecessary headache and reduces bacterial infection.

Now to the spiritual benefits washing your head with coconut water.

Coconut water when used to wash the head can solve so many spiritual problems. Are you suffering from spiritual attacks? Do you want favors to locate you during the day? There are so many forces of darkness out there and they actually block your opportunities. You earn a lot at the end of the month but you don’t how you spent it, by the time you come to realization then you are left with nothing.

Before you step out to work wash your head with coconut water early in the morning at about 3am to 5am. Don’t empty the content of the coconut into a cup, use it while it’s still in the coconut shells. No evil spirit can lay a hand on you when you wash your head with coconut water. Before going to bed apply the same method and make sure the coconut is fresh and contains a lot of water.

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Coconut water can also be used as a spiritual bath. Before you take your bath, put the coconut water in your water before and while bathing pray, and ask what you want to achieve with the coconut. When you are done bathing use a white towel to clean yourself and put on a white cloth before you step out to go anywhere. Do this for 8days and your spiritual problems will be solved.

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