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8 Early Warning Signs Of Heart Attack That You Should Never Ignore

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Early Warning Signs Of Heart Attack

Heart is one of the most important organs in our body. Taking care of our heart is so important, without it we can’t live! God has given us many resources to care for our hearts, and we have to be aware of these resources and use them to improve our health. Here are the warning signs of a heart attack you should know.

According to the American Heart Association, one in three fatalities in the United States was from a stroke, heart disease, or another cardiovascular disease.

The number one and number two major causes of death around the globe were strokes and heart disease.

Heart attacks are the result of a coronary artery blockage or poor blood flow supply. You need to be very careful about what your body tells you. Scroll down to see the early signs of heart attack.

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1. Chest pain or pain in your arms, shoulders, and back are enormous red flags, – call your physician as quickly as possible.

2. One early sign that a heart attack is in its early phase is an unusual weakness of the body. The weakness is a consequence of the narrowing of arteries and poor blood circulation.

3. Another sign is you may also start feeling dizzy. This is also from the lack of blood flowing through your body. If your brain doesn’t get enough blood, you feel dizzy.

4. If you start feeling cold, clammy, and just generally not feeling good, these can also be signs.

5. One month before having a heart attack, many patients stated they had some cold or flu symptoms.

6. People who suffer from indigestion, abnormal abdominal pain, and acidity are advised to visit their doctor to rule out a possible heart attack coming on.

7. Feeling tired or weak constantly

Waith poor circulation, your body is having to work harder than before. Physical activity will start being a lot harder to do.

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8. Finally, shortness of breath is another early signs of heart attack.

If you find yourself constantly trying to breathe the right way, you should contact your physician as quickly as possible.

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