UMaT Student Reacts To GES’ Ban On Indiscipline Pupils


UMaT Student Reacts To GES’ Ban On Indiscipline Pupils

Let’s put political sentiments aside. But the politicising of our education system by this government has caused this :

Under no circumstances can you as a government procure Special Past Questions instead of learning materials for students and further more a whole President ask them to learn the said Pass Questions to pass and shame their critics.

Minority spoke against the act but as usual it was considered as a means to score political points and no one took it serious.

From the start of this whole issue, we saw videos of these kids circulating social media where they poured libations in the name of ‘Thanking Nana Addo For Free SHS’ and raining insults on Ex President John Dramani Mahama.

Also it was normal and nothing was done,it played in the hands of power hence was cool forgetting to know karma exists. Now it’s your turn to experience the fair share of the cake and we see GES Press Release banning these students.

Where was this GES when these students did the first videos ????

Don’t get me wrong, not saying their actions are justified but let’s also question the source of their actions as it plays an important role in what we see today.

Let’s think about this before we outrightly judge them.????????????

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(Teddy, George Grant’s University of Mines and Technology)

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UMaT Student Reacts To GES’ Ban On Indiscipline Pupils

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