UMaT Graduation : Former SRC Prez & Treasurer Struck Out


A fresh report reaching Eth Studios on the recent 12th Congregation of George Grant’s University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa, has it that, management for the university has withheld former SRC President and Treasurer, in the persons of Mr. Ando Okyere Kwamena and Mr. Carl Nartey from the list of graduands.

The report, which gave lease to publication on UMaT Social Media Platforms, states that “there is already speculation to the effect that, the names of the aforementioned were struck out from the graduation list for wrongdoing peddled at the time they held office“.

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A close source revealed that this is a, “Mishap they need to rectify in line of discharging their duties”. And further added that, “the rest are rumors and no concrete reason as we speak”.

Read the report below :

Is This Report True?

On receiving the news, we made two contacts with some high personalities of the university who are students, for concrete reasons as to why Mr. Ando and Mr. Carl were struck out of the list if this report is true. The first of which stated that, “well, almost all of us were asked not to come so I don’t really know how true that is“.

The second, who strongly believed that management for the university can not desist from graduating the aforementioned individuals said, “It’s impossible, they graduated. UMaT knows their limit and SRC matters can’t deprive an executive from graduating. The only thing they can do is to keep your certification.

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Moreover, he stated that, “If such decision is taken on the grounds of embezzlement or mismanagement, it will be records but as it stands nothing like that has been served to the IMC-SRC so ‘We don’t know’. The truth will be a product of time.

We shall press on with the validation of this rumor and surface any palpable reasons that may result later on.

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UMaT Graduation : Former SRC President & Treasurer Struck Out Of The List Of Graduands