Treat Infection And Close Honey Pot Naturally With This


Infection is not wanted by anyone. In this article we are going to prepare a herbal wash that will help to flush out infections from you, that will help to detoxify your system, clear infections and make you look fresh. This is also effective in tightening up your honey pot, to tighten your womanhood. It will get rid of smelling discharge, prevents odors, clears those itchiness and take care of your womanhood. Now let’s get into making this remedy.

What you need first is rosemary leaf, it’s a powerful ingredients against bacterial infection and protects the skin cells from damage. In case you have been experiencing yeast infection and bad odor, rosemary will solve the problem and also help to tighten it. You can get rosemary from many shops. Herbal shops, supermarkets and many shops.

The next ingredient we need is scent leaf. Scent leaf is very medicinal and also treats infections, discharges and many more. It is also effective in tightening the honey pot.

How to make this herbal wash that treats infection

1. Wash the scent leaf very well. You can wash it more than once just to make sure you get rid of the dirt.

2. Pluck the leaf and put it into a pot.


3. Add about one tablespoonful of the rosemary leaf into the pot containing the scent leaf.

4. Pour enough clean water into the pot and boil it for 20minutes. If  20 minutes is not enough due to your heat quantity, you can boil it longer than that just make sure it boils very well

5. Stir it very well.

6. Get a different bowl and strain the liquid into it. You can thrash it. We don’t need the leaf. All we need is the liquid. If you want to make it again, get another enough scent leaf and rosemary.

7. Transfer it into a bottle so that it can be stored longer.

Use this herbal wash when you visit the washroom. After urinating use it to wash your private part. You can use it anytime you want to treat infection. That’s why you have to prepare it more often. About twice in a week. This remedy doesn’t spoil so you can store it for as long as you want.

Use this to treat infections, to prevent discharges and odor. It will make you look fresh and smell good.

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