Time to Awaken to Coronavirus Reality : Trebla Writes


Time to Awaken to Coronavirus Reality : Trebla Writes


I am not an old man but I am old enough to know that, when you wake up oneday and your parents begin to show you their properties and begin to allocate their inheritance, then you know something serious is up. When the President of the Republic of Ghana came out to announce tax free and 50% base salary increase for frontline health workers, I knew that something huge was coming. The announcement of free utilities for the next three months should tell you that, your lockdown could extend to the next three months.

Ghana is a poor country

A struggling country like Ghana will never provide free utilities for its citizens! A poor country like Ghana who is now stuck in whether to rely on legacy funds in this time of crises cannot provide 50% pay rise for its health workers. In view of this, if you see these things coming, the least you can do is to stop jubilating, gather foodstuffs and hide in your room until the rage is over! Dancing in the streets, making unnecessary physical contacts and touting how best your president is will only exacerbate the matter and cause more harm to the poor Ghanaian citizen. Enough of the politics from both side of the two major political parties in Ghana,this pandemic presents a serious economic stress to our country.

Let us awaken reality

Ghanaians are yet to face the worst form of economic crises after this pandemic irrespective of who is in power. Any party in power could be unpopular beyond repair!
As we keep praying, Those in the cities can only stay home to save themselves and their families. Those in towns and villages must start serious farming. Food will become the most sought after commodity after the crises. Farmers became the richest people in the world after the second world war. This pandemic presents another opportunity for farmers to make it big time.
I will spit more on this issue at a later time.
I wish us all the best of luck in this fight!

This too shall surely pass but it won’t just pass, do your part as a citizen as we admonish people in authority to put prudent measures in place before it is too late.

God bless our homeland Ghana!????????

Time to Awaken to Coronavirus Reality : Trebla Writes

(Sarpong Albert – Trebla, Kumasi-Ghana)

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