This Is What You Probably Don’t Know About Your Partner

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One thing you should know before dating or marriage Part 2 :This is what you probably don’t know about your partner on solar and lunar sign compatibility.


When ships run ashore with broken pieces and misplaced notches, then the noise of sailors are become low. But when the parts sink deep like a milestone, it may not levitate anymore. On any day when there is a shipwreck of a ‘relation-ship’, then it must have been because of an ignorance of solar, lunar and day sign compatibilitiesEth Hephzy

What am about sharing today is a natural principle that is very much applicable to any person under study. And this is because we may feel drawn to some people much easier in life than others. Sometimes a bond of affection is likely to sprout just when you meet someone. At other times too, you may dislike the person right from the onset. The thing is, like, nothing really clicks between that individual and you. Nevertheless, its natural and may sound like this, ‘I really like that guy you know’, ’well, I hate! him’.

Experimenting on compatibility

 On average, if we put ten new students in a classroom, I believe sitting mates are likely to form the first bonds. But just give them about ten days minimum, everyone begins to locate a new (best) friend. In so much that some may even relocate from their initial sitting positions in light of a sense of attraction that draws them together. This is what is known as the essence of COMPATIBILITY. And this is what you probably don’t know about your partner and am about sharing today with respect to solar and lunar signs.

But before we begin take note that it doesn’t really matter what goes on in a relationship, if the compatibility is strong, we can fight all day and nothing will happen. O yeah, do you want an example? – Tom and Jerry.  You just feel drawn to each other no matter what. And that is what a relationship is actually supposed to be from my point of view. And not the other way round.


Imaginations of every sort, are bound to wake at just the glance of a desirable young man or woman. Additionally, if the purpose of a date lookout is for ‘serious business’ or marriage oriented, everyone has a fulcrum. Thus, the ladies may look out for ‘a serious guy’, and the gentlemen are always on the stance of ‘a wife material’ – or so to say.

Undoubtedly yes, everyone has a checklist for assessing a lady or a man first, before ‘the other proceedings’. Other than that, the ladies will go for every mad man on the streets. And the guys will run after everything in skirts – sorry to say. So you see, what I suppose about a checklist is true to some point right? Conversely, I believe that amongst the items on the aforementioned list is a notable asset which is missing in most relationship checkups. And this checklist item is knowing your partner’s star signs. Moreover in my opinion, ignorance of this may cause serious shipwrecks.

So let’s get down to knowing this :

What are your partner’s Solar and Lunar signs?

The zodiac or solar signs are twelve (12) in number. Namely : Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Zodiac signs

Note that they are the same also for lunar signs but there is a big difference in determining each of them. As indicated earlier on in the one thing you should know before dating or marriage post, the solar signs influence individual behavioral characteristics in the outer circles whereas lunar signs dictate inward characteristics.

Your Date of Birth

The time of inception of every person on earth pertaining to birth is very important to knowing almost everything about him or her. This is because, there is a whole database system programmed into his or her star. First of all, understand that every human being born to the earth has a star. Doubtless to speak of, your star holds billions and tones of information about you. This is the reason why you must know the sign of your star.

(A little whisper – Becareful who you expose your bithdate to, it’s a very sensitive information to give away. Remember God never wanted King Herod to know Jesus’ date of birth).

The Bible is very clear speaking of the star of Jesus, appearing to the wise men in leading them to the little lad. And King Herod happen to ask for the time the star appeared. Yes of course, Jesus had a star and not him only, everyone does have a star – Biblical antiquity Matthew 2:1-2

So what is the point?

The point is you can decode your solar sign by using your date of birth. You could also do same to determine your lunar sign by using the time you were born – Example, 7:00am. Get to know more about yourself and who you really are by your sign. Additionally check for your partner’s solar sign and get to know more about him or her. This will go the long run in determining whether the two of you are compatible to date or marry. I have provided for you some links at the end of this post. So kindly read to the end and make use of them to learn more. Now enter your birthdate, time of birth and fill the other fields below to determine your solar and lunar signs and click on “Natal horoscope”.


Knowing more about your partner through solar(sun) signs and lunar(moon) signs helps firstly, in determining how compatible the two of you are. And again, it helps to determine some of their behavioral characteristics so you won’t be shocked to see such attitudes pop up on a date or in marriage.

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This is what you probably don’t know about your partner on solar and lunar sign compatibility.

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