Untold Secrets: The Spiritual Significance Of Ring Finger

ring finger

These human hands can do many things apart from doing physical work and eating. If you bring your energy system to a certain way or to a certain level of vibrancy and intensity, then you will know that hands are great instruments. With the Ring finger, you can control the whole universe. It is everything.

The ring finger is like the mouse to your computer

You can just adjust your system whichever way you want, if you know what to do, don’t go about rubbing this, it won’t go like that. Just like the mouse to your computer, you can take it wherever you want. You can just activate your system whoever way you want just by handling the ring finger.

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So hands are capable of doing many things apart from eating and doing physical work. Just turning your hands upside down, you are just turning the way you breathe, this is not just about your breath, the very way the fundamental energy functions. How many times in a day have you turned your hands upside down by shaking it? In India turning your hands upside doesn’t while shaking it means saying no. And you hope to be peaceful and joyful? Life doesn’t work like that, if you do that you set your energy into turmoil. Peace won’t happen.


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You can make things happen somewhere just with the power of your hand. As a whole human being, your control panel lies in your hands.

To open up your life to many possibilities, ring finger is very essential, if you want to open up a person to become your bride or groom, then you put the ring on their ring finger, isn’t it?

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In these times, many people put rings on their thumbs, it a very wrong thing to do. You would attract certain negative energies which you can’t deal with. And it also stabilizes the system. If you put metal on the ring finger, it stabilizes the system.

The ring finger is like a remote to open up the dimensions of your own body. Without opening up this system, there is no cosmos for you.