Secret Behind Why It’s A Taboo To Kill A Snake With Machete


Secret Behind Why It’s A Taboo To Kill A Snake With Machete

Sunday’s edition of TV3’s Ghana Most Beautiful (GMB 2020) was very educative. It was centered on culture and taboos. All contestants performed in their various culture and taboos that was observed in ancient times. Many people couldn’t get the chance to watch it, as it was performed later in the night. Those who had the opportunity to watch the show will agree with me that it was very educative and entertaining.

One performance which caught my attention most was a performance by Northern Region’s contestant, Tracy Zuweira Abdul Wahab who goes by the stage name Zuzu. She explained the age long taboo of why we must not kill a snake with machete. Although this taboo began in the northern region, it has spread to all parts of the country. She explained how this taboo came into existence.

Long in the olden days, there lived their King who a soothsayer prophesied to him one day that he will meet his untimely date. This occurred one day when the chief was in his yam farm one day, and this soothsayer passing through the land prophesied that the King will pass away the moment the yam is harvested.

Being pompous, the King didn’t take it serious and further dared him that he will live to eat his yam. In fact he didn’t believe what he was told.

The time came for harvesting, the yam was harvested and in a bid to prove that he had triumph over death, and that prophesy would never come into existence, he organized a party to celebrate his victory over death. Little did he know that, death is actually awaiting him.

During the merry making, a snake from nowhere appeared at the gathering. Fearing for their lives, One of his guards drew his machete and cuts of the head of the snake. The head of the snake vanished, they searched and searched but couldn’t find it. Well, since the snake is dead they decided to allow matters rest.

Little did they know that the head fell into the water which the King will use to wash his hands before eating. The moment he put his hands into the water, he was bitten by the snake head. That was how he met his death. Prophesy fulfilled.

In order to avoid future occurrences as it is said that “once bitten twice shy”. It became a taboo to kill a snake with a machete. But rather a stick was used to kill snakes from then on. This taboo has passed on from generations to generation.

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Secret Behind Why It’s A Taboo To Kill A Snake With Machete

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