The Role Of Women Is To Keep The Home And Not To Pursue Career

Mazi Uju Nwokorobia

One Nigerian man has caused an outrageous argument on social media after he made a highly controversial statement on the role of women in society.

The man who goes by a name as Mazi Uju Nwokorobia on Facebook said that a woman’s role is to raise children, keep the home and not pursue any career. This he meant by saying that firstly, women are to conceive and raise kids. And secondly, they are not to chase any career or aspire to be rich like their male counterparts.

He therefore wrote : “The major role of women in society is to bear and raise children. It is not to pursue a career or struggle to be wealthy. A woman who neglects this natural role may turn out unhappy.”

The Role Of Women In Society Is To Keep The Home, Period

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