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THE KINGDOM REPORTER : THE DAY CALLED “TODAY”. Humanity is very much abreast with all the days of the week. I believe there is no sect of people who do not know that there are seven(7) days in a week. We know quite well and mark them From Sunday to Monday and through to Saturday. Nevertheless, amidst these days is another day most people and the believer alike do not so much know about. It is this particular day that I seek to present for our enlightenment. That grace may multiply unto us through the abundance of knowledge.

The day called Today

God made another day amidst the seven days of the week. Kindly take note that God didn’t create this day in addition to the seven days to make a total of eight days, no. It was “amidst” the days of the week. Such that whiles it is Thursday, it can be called “Today”. And whiles it is Wednesday, it can still be called “Today”. This is the day that runs through all the seven days of the week and ‘He’ is nevertheless the same all week long. I believe you may be surprised that am using a pronoun as, ‘He’ for this day am speaking of. Don’t worry, stay put as I take you on an expedition into the word of God.

The seven spirits of God

Firstly, the word of God speaks of THE SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD. Isaiah 11:2 asserts this truth.
Isaiah 11:2 ISV The Spirit of the LORD will rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and power, the Spirit of knowledge and fear of the LORD.

Thus, we have the spirit of;

  1. The Lord
  2. Wisdom
  3. Understanding
  4. Counsel
  5. Might
  6. Knowledge
  7. The fear of the Lord

Probably you might have noticed from the scripture above that amidst these spirits is the ‘SPIRIT OF THE LORD’. The spirits form the holistic integration of the seven golden candlesticks. This is what we call the MENORAH. Scripture is very clear on this, that it is God who commanded Moses the man of God to construct such an artefact under the auspices of Bezaleel. The menora was constructed according to the pattern of Heaven as was shown to Moses by God – Exodus 25:31-40, Exodus 31:1-6

The seven golden candlesticks


Secondly, there exists the presence of a man in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks. This we see in the book of the revelation of the Lord;
Revelation 1:12 KJV And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks;
Revelation 1:13 BBE And in the middle of them one like a son of man, clothed with a robe down to his feet, and with a band of gold round his breasts.
I would like to present to you that in the midst of the seven days of the week exists a Day called, Today.

Beloved of God, anticipate for the second part of this message as we delve much deeper into the Word of God on the subject matter : THE KINGDOM REPORTER : THE DAY CALLED “TODAY”

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