The Inventor Of The Electric Bulb Was A Black Man

The Inventor Of The Electric Bulb Was A Black Man

Could you believe that a black man contributed to the invention of the light bulb? At the beginning of 1878, Thomas Edison spent a year trying to invent an incandescent bulb.

By heating thin filament with electricity, the model of Edison’s bulb looks just like” a filament in a glass bulb, according to the Franklin Institute.

Conversely years after thousands of experiments and tests of various filament materials such as; carbonated filaments of bay wood, bamboo, cedar, and other fibers. His longest-lasting bulb was able to last for about 15 hours before the filaments burn out.

Latimer was born a year after Edition in 1848, he was an inventor who worked closely with Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone (rumor has it that the invention was actually Latimer’s).

He improved upon the original design of Edison’s version and made the bulb more durable filament which was made from carbon.

In 1881, Latimer sold the patent to the US Electric co. a year after patented a process for efficiently producing the carbon filament. He wrote a book in 1890 on electric lightning, the first of its kind.

Due to Latimer’s contribution, incandescent light bulbs become more practical and affordable.

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