Truth Is Out: The Identity Of The Original ‘Papano’ Revealed


Ghanaian radio and TV presenter Captain Smart has finally let the cat out of the bag on the real identity of the original Papano. He goes deep on his earlier revelation on who the ‘papano’ is. This Papano term which has become a trend in Ghana as a result of the beef between Tracy Boakye and Mzbel is really getting messier as the true identity of papano remains hidden though people have started pointing accusing fingers at some personalities. Thus why even the information minister jokingly used it in parliament not a while ago:

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According to him, people are just beating about the bush. Hence, he further disclosed his full identity, including his mansions, skin color, even his hair style and papano‚Äôs best friend. Although people have accused former President Mahama, but according to Captain Smart’s description, Mahama is nowhere near him.

According to Captain Smart, Papano owns a house in Kumasi. He also has a house in East Legon, Accra. He was even determined to reveal the number of children this Papano has but after several thoughts he decided to put a hold on it. He further added his complexion as he being very dark and also not all that slim in body shape.

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Next, he disclosed that Papano’s house in Kumasi is near Santasi. Again, the original Papano has even worked in South Africa earlier on where he has a main office. He later said that Papano’s best friend is a water producer. Moreover, he said that ‘Papano’ has even called one of the ladies, Mzbel or Tracey, to stop being concerned about what people will say. And that no matter what people will say, she is still the one he loves. He then concluded that even the parents of one of the chicks involved in the beef is aware of her relationship with Papano. Thus, the only thing left now is his name! More to come soon…

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