Teacher Kojo Shames Critics By Endorsing NDC-NPP TO Preach Peace

Teacher Kojo

Ghanaian comic teacher, Teacher Kojo shames critics by displaying a non-partisan move by wearing both NDC-NPP party T-Shirt altogether.

In a Facebook post yesternight, the comic actor and social media influencer put on the new NDC party T-Shirt while facing the camera.

He received several backlashes from his fans who were not in support of his move to endorse NDC, this as others think could bring an end to his career. What they didn’t know was that he was only preaching at a time like this when we are heading towards elections.

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This morning he turned back to the camera in a new photo only to be seen endorsing the NPP. The T-Shirt he wore the night before endorsed NDC on the front side while the backside endorsed NPP.

Critics were shocked to see this move by Teacher Kojo and many congratulated him on his medium of preaching peace, though others were not pleased he can preach peace without endorsing any political party.