Stonebwoy Involved In a bloody fight With Angel Town


Stonebwoy attacking Sarkodie’s Manager is trending today. In a post sighted by eth studios on, an eyewitness to the incidence narrates what led to the brawl between Stonebwoy and Sarkodie’s Manager, Angel Town.

According to other sources Stonebwoy pulled a gun in the brawl and attacked Angel Town leaving him with severe injuries. This occurred at the avenue for rehearsals of Sarkodie’s upcoming virtual concert.

Eyewitness Aisha Modi who happens to be a fan of Stonebwoy and very close to him, debunked earlier claims of him pulling a gun. “Stonebwoy never pulled a gun”. She narrated what happened before her very eyes.

Narrating her version of the incidence eyewitness Aisha revealed that the cause of the Stonebwoy-Angel Town bloody fight was when they were prevented from parking at a certain spot by a soldier. They were instructed that no one should park at the spot. But they were left in shock after they realized that some other artists were allowed to park at the same spot they were refused to pack earlier.

That isn’t all. After they arrived at the avenue, they waited for close to 3 hours while other fans were seen trooping in and out. The sense of discrimination left him puzzled and this spiked the anger in him. Stonebwoy and Angel Town got into tense argument which resulted in a fight but “he never pulled a gun. His gun was seized during Shatta-VGMA brouhaha”. Aisha said.

This has resulted in reactions from Ghanaians, according to Ola Michael, Its high time he works on his temperament else it won’t be well for him. According to him Stonebwoy needs a psychologist to help him with his temper.

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