Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams

Special advise for believers on Covid-19

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The shear panic of the sudden incurrence of the COVID-19 global pandemic has put a lot of God’s children in some sort of trauma. This however may fail in addressing the whole populace of the global church though. But some believers, especially in the regions of high numbers of COVID-19 cases are frightened already. As said earlier, this may not prove true for others also. On the same benchmark, others have also merely turned ‘all attention’ to the trending disease.

In respect of this, Eth Studios made a concious effort to hear from the mouths of some seasonal men of God and to know what they had in store for the church of God on COVID-19. In order to reach out to the rest of the world with a message. With yesterday being Sunday, we gathered words from these men of God to present to the church. And what we found was nothing contrary but an alignment of similar sermons from their pulpits. Let’s hear them now :


Special advise for believers on Covid-19

Pastor Obed is the Senior Presbyter of the Christ Cosmopolitan Incorporated church – headquarters, Kumasi. In his sermon yesterday in the Haven, he spoke on the topic of ‘Photonic Fasting’. Hence, speaking on YouTube in a live stream, he conscientized the children of God in the sense that they should be careful with what they hear and see. And furthermore, hearing and seeing form an integral feeding system of the mind – he said. Additionally,he continued his exegesis on this wise that what we hear and see has consequent effect on cell repair or digestion. This is populary refered to in science as Autophagy.

The video of the online streaming on YouTube here below :


Special advise for believers on Covid-19

Meanwhile, the President of the Action Chapel international – headquarters, Accra, also speaks on a similar basis. Conversely in his sermon presentation, he makes it clear that the devil wants to shift the attention of believers to the trending pandemic. Moreover, he continually affirms all believers to take heed on what they allow themselves to hear.

Below are his very own words :
We need to be careful of the things we are paying attention to and we need to take heed to what we hear.
“I know there are a lot of facts being presented to us all over the place; it’s good to know but don’t feed on them.
“Because the strategy of the enemy is to get us distracted from the word of God and from what God is saying to present to us the facts of what they are doing so that he can have an advantage over us through fear and panic.”

Video of his live coverage here below;

Special advise for believers on Covid-19

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