OMG: Soldiers Run For Their Lives As Bullet Couldn’t Enter EndSARS Protesters


The situation of the EndSARS protest is getting messy daily as each day a new face is noticed. In a recent development, protestors have gone for Odeshie charms to battle with soldiers.

In a video sighted by ETH studios, soldiers were spotted firing shots at angry protestors who were approaching them.

After several firing, the bullets were unable to penetrate the body of the protestors who have gone for ‘Odeshie’ charms. However, the soldiers fearing for their lives took to their heels.

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‘Odeshie’ is a powerful charm administered by a fetish priest which makes the bearers immune to bullets.

After the military shot and killed protesters at Lekki, some boys have fortified themselves to face them.

Watch the video below:

Source: Ghbase