Social Media Criticizes Cyril Over His Non-Abstinence From Sex

abstinence from sex

Not a while ago, Eth Studios made a report about popular Yolo star Cyril, rightly named Aaron Adatsi outdooring his first child together with his baby mama Eyram, over the weekend. However, the Yolo star has come under severe criticisms following some photos of himself and Eyram, which were shared from the outdooring ceremony of his baby.

This is primarily because, Aaron Adatsi, 20 was a lead character in the popular Yolo series on TV wherein he played the role of Cyril, dating an adorable woman in the character of Emily, which solely propagated the abstinence of sex by adolescents and young adults.

So the essence of the social media saga was on the fact that he promoted abstinence from sex in his acting, but did contrary in real life. Nevertheless, Aaron believes there is that kind of difference between his career and personal life. Thus, he described his baby as a blessing from God and won’t be a hypocrite to keep it as a secret.

In a report he made yesterday October 19, he wrote – “I understand that in some of my professional engagements, I have come to represent many moral upright things to the masses, but, in all humility, I refuse to hoist the flag of hypocrisy as a substitute to taking responsibility for the choice I made“.

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Social Media Criticizes Cyril Over His Non-Abstinence From Sex

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