You Have A Spiritual Power You Might Not Know If You See These 9 Signs

spiritual power

Below are some of the signs that you have a spiritual power.

1. Desire to heal people

You have a strong feeling about healing than others seem to have. You thirst to see people healed by God’s power and may have had the desire for a long time.

2. You encourage people to receive healing prayer

Praying for the sick is what you believe in and regularly encourage others to receive prayer. If someone senses any sign of ailment, your first instinct is to pray.

3. You gravitate into the healing ministry

Your interest in praying for the sick has led you in the past or now to join a prayer team that prays for the sick. This include a dedicated healing ministry, healing evangelism team, prayer ministry or a church prayer.

4. People have been healed through you

The ultimate sign that you have the gift of healing is noticed in the evidence of healing through your ministry. People regularly experience a touch from God emotionally and physically when you have prayed for or ministered to them.

5. Prophecies or a long term sense of God’s call

You may have received personal prophecies about God using you in the ministry of healing. You may have important Bible verses that have communicated to you about your call to the healing ministry. You may look back to the past when you received the call of God to the ministry of healing.

6. You have experienced healing yourself

You have experienced first-hand the healing power of God in your own life and that encounter has encouraged you in building faith to heal others.

7. You have had trials in the area of health

You or others close to you make had trials in the area of health. These times has caused you to pursue God, his word, and his heart concerning healing. This could be that you have spiritual power.

8. Leaders acknowledge your gift of healing

Leaders and men of God have recognized your call of God and the ability to minister in healing. They have encouraged you to move forward or invited you to join a healing ministry.

9. You have had past or present temptations

You used to pray for people and get them healed, since then, you have been through difficult times. There have been so many temptations which have made you doubted your power of healing.

All these are signs that you have a spiritual power, don’t ignore them.

Have you noticed any of these signs? Comment below. Also share to others.

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