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Shutdown Systems : Opinions Archive

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Our failure as a nation

Firstly, it was a cry against the entry points of the country to “Close borders” when the worst was not come. Additionally, I must say it’s a bit disturbing to know that this precaution was only adhered to just lately in the current address of His Excellency. Various authoritarians made continual assertions of it as a preventive measure against Ghana suffering an outbreak.

This I believe should have been done earlier on if we were to cope with the spread of the disease. In the meantime, reports from other countries prove a similar sequence of events until matters became rough. It is however reported that these states assumed a capability over a spike in numbers of infected persons until things went out of hands.

Such relatively ‘powerful states’ have well upgraded health facilities which are fine tuned to contain the outbreak of a pandemic on an average basis. Nevertheless, hell broke loose and the ‘mighty’ are falling.
Back here in Africa things are not like that. How many medically trained and qualified health personnel do we have? And not to even talk of the failure of our health system.

Ghana cannot match boot to boot with the disease

Whereas South Africa is reported to have the best of health facilities, where does Ghana fall on that list? Hence, I put to the front that this is not just any chronic disease we are fighting at all. Moreover, China is suffering and Italy is worst. The United States of America is lagging behind Italy in inches. Undoubtedly, it’s a pandemic outbreak we are talking about here.

Let us not pretend we can handle matters. Please, shut most systems down. And I believe this will consequently curb the worst cases yet to report. As the outbreak is now on a community-level transmission, systems must be locked to prevent further spread of the virus. This is my opinion and I conclude : Let us not ‘think’ our health facility can do. And if our borders were not closed early, we shouldn’t avoid a shutdown now. If you meet Mr. President, kindly tell him, “Please, shutdown the system”. I rest my case.

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Shutdown Systems : Opinions Archive

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  1. Good submission. But please which system should lockdown? Are you callong for a total lockdown?
    By the way Ghana has experts too…

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