SHS Final Year Students Commence Wassce Exams Today

SHS Final Year Students Commence Wassce Exams Today

The abrupt interruption of the coronavirus pandemic in daily life activities brought a halt in most schooling systems of all levels. From creche to ‘crete’, this time around, health was more important than school. Preventive and precautionary policies could have calmed the storms of the blue sea and stop it in it’s tracks. Nevertheless, it was the more profitable to set the sails loose, and to let the wind drive. Thus, His Excellency the president of Ghana announced for the closure of basic, high and tertiary institutions in the country. This took place on the 16th of March,2020.

Subsequently, the pandemic looks to have come to stay for the time being. Seeing that there are no current instances of a medical cure. Not to say that there hasn’t been frequent tests in animals and human. That is, to try to conjure a cure for a dying world. But most companies around the world are still working things out for a stable, world-accepted, tested and proven medical cure.

In the wake of assimilating the disease with control protocols to help mitigate its impact, schools had to re-open. Specifically for those who were at their wits end, the final year students of basic, high and tertiary. A communique from the Ministry of Information made this clear a fortnight ago. Issuing various adhesive measures for the prevention of Covid-19.

Furthermore, going back to school was never gonna be 100% safe. As some recent reports reveal the contraction of the virus in some students. But which indeed was quite obvious, looking at conditions and statistics. Thus why parents were not the more impressed with Nana Addo’s school-return policy.

Auspicious today, 20th of July, 2020 is the commencement of the long-awaited, coronavirus indoctrinated final year WASSCE exams for SHS. ‘Indoctrinated’ i say, because of how we viewed government’s opinion on reopening schools. Feasibly, the exams shall be conducted with respect to all protocols regarding the coronavirus disease. It’s precautionary and preventive measures. We wish final year students at the SHS level all the best in their exam!

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