Video: Shatta Wale Gets Broken Heart As Shatta Michy Introduces Her ‘Papa No’

shatta michy

Shatta Wale’s baby mama Shatta Michy in a new video has introduced her ‘papa no’ who is showering her with cars and all the houses. This could only mean a broken heart for Shatta Wale.

In a video posted online, Shatta Michy was spotted introducing her ‘papa no’ and the ‘papa no’ in turn brags about how he has been sponsoring her with cars and houses.

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This ‘papa no’ happens to be no other person but Lilwin who is currently on set with Michy to shoot a video.

Michy burst into laughter as Lilwin kept on bragging about what he will do for her.

Watch the video below:

Source: IG

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