Scientists Discover Potential Covid-19 Cure With An Antibody

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Scientists Discover Potential Covid-19 Cure With An Antibody

Scientists have discovered a particular antibody that blocks Corona virus from infecting cells.

They happen to identify this antibody in a lab and believe that it can be used in creating a cure for SARS Cov-2. Meanwhile, first reports of the virus were recorded in the Chinese city of Wuhan late December last year and since then, it has infected more than 3.5 million people worldwide. With over one million recovered patients and 248,000 death tolls – Worldometer reports.

According to a report from Joy News, the team of scientists had their research published in one journal named Nature Communications. Which cites that they have been conducting biological logistics of monoclonal antibodies since 2019 even before the outbreak of the global pandemic. As to whether it could help in curing patients with the Corona virus. Nevertheless, there is no current specified vaccine or treatment for the disease.

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Facts about the antibody

Monoclonal antibodies are a type of antibodies invented in the laboratory and have an affinity of binding to specific substances in the body. Such types of antibodies enumerate the functional work of the human immune system in responding to a particular threat and are widely used in the treatment of some forms of cancer.

They discovered that this antibody named 47D11 could bind to the spike protein which the Novel Corona virus uses to penetrate the body. And block it in such a way that neutralizes the pathogen and renders it futile. In order to further their study of the antibody, the team used mice specimen for an experiment. By tweaking the biology of the animals to create antibodies which are similar to those found in homo sapiens. They then injected the animals with spike proteins that the viruses which cause SARS, MERS, and some types of common cold use to invade cells.

It was discovered that the mice could successfully produce 51 antibodies which are capable of neutralizing the spike proteins of the injected Corona viruses.

Thus, some virus experts who were not directly involved in the research have welcomed their findings. But conversely express some limitations of the antibody. Indicating that even though it has some form of potential and can lead to the discovery of a possible cure. But it would be dangerous to take it as a vaccine. Since it hasn’t proved successfull in human cells as yet.

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Scientists Discover Potential Covid-19 Cure With An Antibody

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