Hotel Room 306 : The New Adult Mathematics Theorem

Room 306

Heya! Have you heard? There is a new mathematics theorem in town o. Lemme hook you with it la, biko, it is trending on Twitter basaa.

It is simply called Room 306(repeat after me). Ah well, our sources are saying it was invented by two unknown adults, an unidentified hotel, and an anonymous reporter.

So we reached out to TheBBCGhana and this was what they told us:

“Specifically, room 360 and 402 are both hotel rooms and upon the check, it seems the occupants of both rooms were making love and from the look of things, the guy might end up shifting the womb of the lady from right to left.

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The identity of both occupants in the room remain anonymous at the time of putting this write-up together.

But one thing is certain, the ladies in the video were heard screaming in excitement as the guys pound them. The video is currently tending number 1 and 2 on Twitter.”

Don’t watch the room 306 video below o, ayoo, don’t tell me i didn’t warn you.

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Source : TheBBCGhana