Roman Father Impregnates 30 Catholic Women

Malawi Mail

Priest of the highest order in the Roman Catholic Church rightly named Jorge Mario Bergoglio, has recently confirmed an abuse of some thirty(30) catholic women referred to as nuns by a Malawian clergy in impregnating them as opposed to their faith system.

Thus news of this atrocity was captured on the front page of the Malawi Mail.

According to Pope Francis, this insubordinate act has been committed by several priests and bishops in the Catholic Church over some period of time now in sexually abusing nuns. And further emphasized that some priests have even been suspended on several occasions.Moreover, statistics released on this cites most happenstances in Africa, where priests were said to have turned to nuns for sex during the spread of AIDS.

“According to five reports written by senior members of women’s religious orders and a priest, cases of sexual abuse against nuns have been reported in at least 23 countries.” – CelebritiesBuzz

The Vatican in addressing this matter yesterday acknowledged it as being of a truth, but added that these incidents of sexual abuse are ‘restricted to a certain geographic area’ without further ado. Vatican spokesperson Joaquin Navarro-Valls said, “Work is being done both on the training of people and the resolution of individual cases.”

He added however that, “some negative cases cannot let us forget the often heroic faith expressed by the large majority of those men and women in religious orders and of the clergy.”

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Roman Father Impregnates 30 Catholic Women

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