Read Manifest’s Hottest Advice For Young People


Indeed,the one with an aim is always the successful one. It is very necessary to work towards a future you and the world would be proud of and such traits must be seen today for the predictions about the future to be true.

Kwame Ametepea Tsitaka popularly known as Manifest had been one of Ghana’s greatest asset when it comes to music.He was announced the best rapper and hip-hop song of the year winner in the year 2017.

Not only is he a music doctor but an academic “guru” as he has gracefully attain a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

The rapper believes in making a lot from his personality so he’d be proud and happy in the future. This dream and hopes led to one tweet from him clearly seen as an advice to all and sundry.

In a tweet,he said.. : Don’t forget to subscribe by pressing the bell icon on your screen to receive daily news updates.

It’s Crystal clear from his point of view that, every one must be circumspect with whatsoever they are doing now to prevent their future being jeopardized.

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