Prophet Jeremiah Heals A Coronavirus Patient

Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin

Prophet Jeremiah Heals A Coronavirus Patient

Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin is the founder and head prophet of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry (CMDM), Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. In light of this, a report dated as at May 22, 2020, shows that this man of God has been able to heal a coronavirus patient by the grace of God. The victim is said to be a Californian woman named Tyeisha who video-called Prophet Jeremiah during his online church service dubbed, ‘DIS‘.

Report of her case denotes that earlier on, she had been diagnosed of the Novel Coronavirus and was being housed at one isolation center in California. Thus, she had developed dependence on supplemental oxygen through Nasal Cannula (NC), and a constant dry cough.

During their conversation, the man of God had the Spirit’s leading to pray for her and call for her healing. He consequently made a short prayer for her. And very surprisingly, Tyeisha was able to take off her Nasal Cannula and began to breath without supplemental oxygen!

Her story is such a touching one in experiencing awesome healing power, courtesy the God of Prophet Jeremiah Omoto. Moreover, her medical report afterwards proves that she tests negative for Covid-19.

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Prophet Jeremiah Heals A Coronavirus Patient

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