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Over 897.1 million students put off : online education takes on.
According to UNESCO Monitoring, 105 countries closes schools and educational institutions nationwide, affecting over 897.1 million youth and children.

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Coronavirus hits high in early stages

This report is as a result of the current global pandemic. It is rather saddening to know that the viral infection is only in its early stages of development. Nevertheless, whole nations are suffering from the icy hands of the COVID-19 virus. Reports at this time may only be provisional. As the disease catches the global eye, more dread seems coming. Thus, figures may climb upwards as more countries face the intrusion and infiltration of the virus. Nationwide economies had the first hit on the outbreak of the epidermic disease. Howbeit, misfortune places education at the mercy of the Novel Coronavirus. Chances are, research on the virus may birth a solution. Can this ever be?

A shift in the education system

A corresponding shift from traditional education to “online classes” halves the adverse effect of the outbreak. This is made possible as various schools worldwide now conduct classes virtually. This new model has been dubbed, ’classroom to cloud’ with the latter referring to the internet. While this becomes the best alternative to classroom learning for some students, others lure in ‘darkness’. This comes as a result of the lack of internet access in most parts of the world. Another reason is the lack of internet accessories where a proper internet connection may apply.

Popular learning platforms for students amidst the pandemic

Some popular online learning platforms for most students during this outbreak include ;

  1. Scholastic : click here
  2. Khan Academy : click here
  3. Outschool : click here
  4. Prodigy Math : click here
  5. Mystery Science : click here
  6. Google classroom may require class code from teachers or lecturers.
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