One Thing You Should Know Before Dating Or Marriage

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One Thing You Should Know Before Dating Or Marriage


Ever saw birds singing? And the traction was tight? And it seemed nothing will ever go wrong? The sweetest amongst them are love birds! Until the eastern winds blow the perch stance and the tree is fallen. And the pieces be broken and carried about the seashore. When my beloved is gone or that the apple of my eye is lost and the trust is thorn. Shall love strings reverberate with vigor? Or ever the cords are broken and the strings be loosed, what caused the shipwreck? And why? – Eth_Hephzy

A lot of people are ignorant on what I’m about sharing today. And as such, if anything should crop up on a date or in marriage, there is an immediate shipwreck of the relationship. Hence, most love couples separate from each other the moment they realize, ‘my partner wasn’t like this when I met him or her’. Notwithstanding a dozen reasons for relationship break ups and marriage setbacks, am sharing with you today on why your partner’s behavior or attitude may change in an intimate relationship or in marriage as different from when you met him or her and got hooked up.


There is a way everybody behaves outwardly which is very different from inward attitude. Conversely, this is the reason why you must know your partner on an intimate level. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how strong you feel about them, if you don’t know them to earth, forget it. Whole relationships collapse at the brink on the slightest head-wring of a hidden character or attitude showing up. This is where you hold certain perceptions about your partner. Only to realize in marriage or on an intimate date that, such perceptions were wrong. And that your partner was something different from how you perceived him or her to be at first.

So let’s get down to knowing this one thing:

Why Your Partner’s Behavior May Change In An Intimate Relationship

Zodiac or Solar signs

One Thing You Should Know Before Dating Or Marriage

I know you may not be religious but I would like to make a reference. There is something Bible refers to as ‘the mazzaroth‘ in the book of Job 38:32. Explicitly speaking, the mazzaroth is the zodiac or solar sign which naturally influences individual behavioral characteristics on earth. This means, everybody has a solar sign. Your solar sign is decoded by using your date of birth. This sign is also the sign of your star. And this is the reason why King Herod, wanting to decode the star of Jesus sought to know the exact time Jesus’ star had appeared from the wise men. If by chance, he may gain advantage to twinkle the stars to kill Jesus. And this is because he had purposed in his heart to destroy him. But God, who is wiser than men, admonished the wise men otherwise by an angel – Biblical antiquity, Matthew 2:7-8.

How does this connect with relationships?

One Thing You Should Know Before Dating Or Marriage
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Solar signs have effect on relationships because they mete out how a person behaves in his or her outer circle. That is to say, zodiac signs can tell behavioral characteristics of a man or a lady outwardly. Thus, how a person behaves outwardly for everybody to see is influenced by what we call the solar sign. Hence, when you are having a crush on a man or a lady, what you are seeing on him or her that makes you so attracted is their solar sign characters. Howbeit, that is not all that pertains to a person’s life.

And this is because there is another sign known as the lunar or moon sign which also dictates different behavioral characteristics in the inner circles of an individual. Therefore most of the time, what you know people to be on the outside(influenced by solar sign) is very different from what they really are on the inside(influenced by lunar sign). And as such, people begin to have shocks upon knowing how different their partners are, inwardly. But actually, you shouldn’t be shocked. Moreover, it is of a necessity to know your partner’s star signs before dating or marriage. And this is why am sharing this with you.

Lunar or moon signs

One Thing You Should Know Before Dating Or Marriage
Lunar signs

As said earlier on, moon signs depict inward behavioral characteristics of a person. Such signs interpret individual attitudes in a person’s inner circle. Though not always, but most of the time, it is very different from your solar sign. For example, someone may have a Libra solar sign and at the same time have a Taurus lunar sign. In the meantime, don’t worry as yet. Because I will take time off to make another wonderful post teaching on solar and lunar signs and how you can decode yours.

So what is the point of this whole discourse?

One Thing You Should Know Before Dating Or Marriage
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All that we are saying is your partner may likely have a different behavior inwardly from his or her outward character. And as such, you should not be shocked to see such attitudes pop up on a date or in marriage.

Typical Examples

Not many people really knew who Jesus was

A lot of people knew Jesus outwardly and not by his inner man(lunar sign). Some called him the son of Joseph, others perceived he was Elijah. Some even went to the point of saying that he was John the Baptist who had resurrected. But they were all wrong simply because if you try to decode what a lady or a man truly is on the outside(solar sign), then you will miss out on who they really are. And such misconceptions would have been true until Peter had stepped on the scene to decode, that indeed he was the son of God. That was Jesus’ true identity and not otherwise as was perceived by many a people on what they saw outwardly.

Please, if you see a man or a lady’s character on the outside, don’t be too quick to judge. And to conclude that they are good or bad. Some may be seemingly bad on the outside. But kindly get closer, they may be rare angels. Others too, hmm it’s okay, let’s end here.

The day Jesus wanted people to know him inwardly, he lost relationship with them except the 12 disciples.

This is because, the people had come to know his true character and identity as some would say, “ his true colors”. And for that matter they were shocked and broke relationship with Jesus. This is when Jesus told them to drink his blood and eat his flesh. He was going to give them communion that will take them from the level of knowing a man after the flesh (solar sign – outwardly), to knowing a man after the spirit(lunar sign – inwardly). This is how marriages get broken and whole relationships get ruined. That moment when you know they’ve been hiding something from you all this while – Biblical antiquity, John 6:53-67.


Thus, the one thing to know before dating or marriage is to decode your partner’s star signs. If you don’t know your partner’s lunar sign, don’t try dating or marriage. It is very risky. Because that is their true identity on the inside.

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One Thing You Should Know Before Dating Or Marriage

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