OMG! Takoradi Boys Gives Thief Rush Energy Drink So They Can Beat Him Again


Thieves now a days are beaten mercilessly before they are handed over to the police or are left to God. Thieves keep making our lives miserable for as, as they take our belongings that we work hard to provide. A thief always tries to act smart.

Belongings that takes us a long period of time to acquire,they only spend few minutes to take them either without our notice or at gun point.

So due to this, thieves are also not spared when they are grabbed. Lucky ones are able to escape and the ones who are not smart enough to escape, they are not spared. Some are mercilessly beaten while others are also beaten to death.

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It happened in this case, where are young man in Takoradi tried to rob someone at a popular market square in Takoradi. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t smart enough, so he couldn’t get away and was grabbed by the boys around.

After some minutes of intensive punching and beating, he was then given “Rush” an energy drink sold on the Ghanaian market to drink for him to regain his lost strength so they could continue beating him for the second time.

It was both a sad and funny moment at the same time as this was In some way, kind of the boys to have at least given him something to gain more energy for more beating.