OMG- Mahama Want Big Loads And Not Aboboyaa butts


Appiah Stadium had made known his own version of the “beef” between Tracy Boakye and Mzbel. As it has been rumored recently that the “papa no” who is the backbone of their beef has got something to do with former President Mahama.

“Beefing” has become the norm of these days between celebrities especially. This “beef” which happens to be Tracy-Mzbel Sugar Daddy Beef which has become the talk recently has led to many controversies. Although it’s not clear who “the papa no”, the sugar dude behind this, but Ghanaians have started pointing accusing fingers at former President Mahama.

According to Appiah Stadium, he is very much aware that former President John Mahama is a fun of “big buts” but certainly not with spoiled brats like Mzbel and Tracy Boakye.

The origin of this beef occurred when Mzbel decided to stop “doing boys” for “men”. This sugar daddy who has been helping her in terms of needs not knowing is also on the whitelist of Tracy Boakye. You know girls and money, this led to unprecedented insults by 28 years old Tracy Boakye on her “rival” Mzbel.

 Now in the insults the name of the sugar daddy was “papa no” yes, “Papa no” which is “the man”. Ghanaians were eager to know who this papa no was until the name of this “papa no” came as Dr. Kwaku Oteng, Sam Jonah and now former President Mahama.

Former President Mahama? This came after Gloria Kani revealed that Tracy Boakye is “foolish” to blackmail former President Mahama as being the father of her child. Ghanaians were astonished to know the “papa no” is Mahama. This resulted in reactions from many people with some disputing these allegations against former president Mahama.

Serial caller for NDC party, Mr. Frank Kwaku Appiah known as Appiah Stadium asked Ghanaians to shut up with this. Though he knows former President is a man and can do anything but certainly not with Tracy Boakye and Mzbel. According Appiah Stadium to him Mahama want women with big butts and not Tracy Boakye and Mzbel with aboboyaa buttocks.

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