Oh Nana Ama Why? : Sammy weeps over a heart break


Oh Nana Ama Why, Sammy weeps over a heart break. Samuel Aboagye also known as Sammy, is a student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He’s also a resident of the Continental Hall, popularly known as, “Conti”. Sammy made a disheartening statement upon loosing his girlfreind Nana Ama on a trivial issue. Which still remains partially unknown.

So the young man meant that the reason for his loss had been because of a misunderstanding on the part of his girlfriend. This was due to “an unknown to us” mistake he had committed and that he supposed his beloved should have pardoned him and not to have “dumped” him. Below is a leaked audio recording of what ensued in their WhatsApp chat.

As a result, Sammy may still be in tears and seriously needs consolation as I report. In the leaked WhatsApp status below – Oh Nana Ama why, Sammy weeps over a heart break.

Other media of Sammy and Nana Ama here below :

Oh Nana Ama Why? : Sammy weeps over a heart break

Let’s hear a comment from an anonymous personality :

Ok so guys, to me this is an act most fond of girls. And if am not being partial and “Sammy won’t bring back the Devil from Hell”, then Nana Ama should pardon him. I think he should be given another one year contract to prove his remorse. Though most ladies may consider this as whimsical. I earnestly hope Nana Ama forgives Sammy. What do you also think? Kindly leave your comment in the comments box right below.

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  1. Nowadays relationship is something oooo …how can u give ur heart to a girl like dat …… Now see ooooo????????????

  2. The WhatsApp recording and the song left a killer aura here in this post.
    Nice piece eth studios
    I pray the girl sees this and accepts his prodigal boyfriend back. Lol

  3. Nana Ama please don’t take him back la.. if u do he will do worse n sake revenge. Men do stupid things when they find out u love them so much n end up getting worse when u give them that chance. So wrong for the Sammy to do that to Nana Ama. Have you guys also thought about when the girl is going through..Mtchewwwwww

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