Obinim To React Over Kennedy Agyapong’s Accident

Obinim and Kennedy Agyapong

Obinim To React Over Kennedy Agyapong’s Accident

DISCLAIMER : Please take note that you are reading Opinions Archive and that Bishop Obinim hasn’t reacted yet over Kennedy Agyapong’s accident issue. Neither are we saying he will react. For any misjudgments, you do so at your own risk. Eth Studios shall not be responsible for fake conclusions.

It wasn’t long after the coronavirus pandemic outbreak had shut us all in lockdown, that a serious beef arose between both parties. As various reports from many sources may have it, the Honorable Member of Parliament made a comment about the Bishop which made him to also react in response to what Kennedy Agyapong had said earlier on.

Thus, when misunderstanding set in, a lot of people were of the opinion that the Bishop should rather apologize to the honorable member. And true to this, he came out with an apology to Kennedy Agyapong over what he said to him. Matters would have been resolved by then, until the wife of the said Bishop, Madam Florence Obinim also added her voice.

This subsequently agitated Kennedy Agyapong and made him come out with a reply for her :

The MP became the more furious which consequently led to his vow of dealing with Bishop Obinim on Ghana’s NET2 Television Broadcast. Even to the point of seeing him arrested. Thus, the matters which follow, tell of the sudden arrest of Bishop Daniel Obinim.

We did our best possible to find out the reason for his arrest later on. And we further discovered from the statement of the magistrate court that the Bishop had engaged in an illegal act. Which we also cover here in this article.

Moreover, a report here said Angel Obinim suddenly fell sick upon seeing the police personnel. Which subsequently made Kennedy Agyapong say that the Bishop faked his sickness :

Comments from the members of International God’s Way Church (IGWC) on Facebook, also revealed that the man of God wasn’t arrested as was widely reported. We covered this article here also :

But after his arrest, the honorable member came out to share his excitement over what had befallen the Bishop in those days :

Nevertheless, before any of these incidents of apprehension came in, one report indicated that OB TV had already pleaded Nana Addo’s intervention against Kennedy Agyapong on YouTube. This occurred during one of Nana Addo’s many addresses to the nation on Covid-19 :

But at long last, the magistrate court granted bail for the man of God on May 19,2020 :

It’s been days since we heard of matters concerning the beef between Kennedy Agyapong and Obinim. But the MP had a trivial accident wherein his car got scratched without any casualties just yesterday, .

However, will the man of God say anything regarding this issue? As to whether it is the start of judgement for Honorable Kennedy? No one knows as this is just an opinion.

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Obinim To React Over Kennedy Agyapong’s Accident

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