Nollywood First Lesbian Film Hits The Internet


In a post sighted by us on business insider Africa, Producer, Pamela Adie of Nollywood first lesbian love story film ‘Ife’, is set to go against all odds to release it online. “Ife” which means ‘love’ in the Yoruba language, tells the story of two young women who fell in love and faced homophobia in their home country.

“Anyone who want to watch will be able to able to do so from anywhere in the world,” Pamela said “No film has had the impact it will have, or already has in Nigeria… The reception to the poster and the trailer has been mad. We expect that it will be madder when the film is released.”

The trailer was uploaded to YouTube last month and immediately generated more views and spiked out a lot of excitement in Nigeria although homosexuality is illegal in the country. The movie is to change the LGBT perception by showing how the love of Ife and Adaora struggled under pressure from their families and society in general. This according to the producer, Adie is also to fight Homophobia.


“Every time there is a film made that centers LGBTQ people, it would always be about gay men,” she said. This is one for us… it will bring immense joy to the hearts of many of us who would be seeing people like us centered in Nigeria film for the first time”.

Although Nigeria is a religious country where society and the law frown on homosexuality. According to the masses who rejects homosexuality, it is a corrupt western import. In the year 2014, Nigeria signed the legislation against homosexuality and imposed a prison term of up to 14 years for people prosecuted under the new act.

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However with the help of social media, many homosexuals are becoming vocal and visible. “I wanted to represent LGBTQ characters in a different light than how they are shown in past stories, to change how heterosexuals vie them”. Adie said. Thus releasing the lesbian film.

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