Nigerian Couple Kiss With Nose Masks During Wedding

Nigerian Couple Kiss With Nose Masks During Wedding

The current predicament plaguing planet earth has had health authoritarians give strict restrictions on the use of face/nose masks. Despite this, the coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 13 million people across the globe form current worldometer report. And is still laying its icy hands on not less than 500,000 lives. In the meantime, we publish many of such stories here on Eth Studios to inform the general public.

Thus, the use of nose masks to mitigate the widespread of the disease has become the more important. Nevertheless, does this really apply to married couples who sleep in one bed and may never be able to keep the social distancing protocol? In contrast, does this also mean we shouldn’t heed to the many instructions from health associations like the World Health Organisation, on the use of nose masks?

As confused as it may seem, yet, not without an answer. The Nigerian couple were seen on Facebook in a post about their wedding. Undoubtedly, one photo from the ceremony reveal a stunning sight as they partake in the traditional ‘you may kiss your bride‘ in their nose masks.

Consequently, some Nigerians who saw the post made various opinions that it had gone wrong. And that “what God has put together, let no facemask put asunder”. Read comments below as they blast the couple for this unexpected act.

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