Netflix Movie : Public Frowns On Award Winning ‘Cuties’

Netflix movie

‘Cuties’, is an award winning French movie, that depicts the life of 11-year-old Senegalese immigrant living with her family in France. Having faced such a great shift in culture amidst problems within her family.

Amy in anger and disgust for the values and life she was being taught to live, decides to find herself and gain her freedom. In her quest, she found herself on social media and was fascinated by the gratification she obtained from people.

She also joined a dance group consisting of other kids of her age who’s dance included sexually provocative dance moves known as twerking. She quickly became the star dancer in the group.

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And went on to take the group to win some big contest. The movie gained much popularity in France and picked up some awards. Netflix, the movie streaming giant also picked the movie to show on its platform for the rest of the world to have a glance.

But was suddenly met with a lot of criticism and rage from the public. The movies marketing poster by Netflix showed images of 11-year-olds in “full makeup, scanty costumes and sexually inviting positions”.

This therefore made a lot of people upset and the hashtag #CancelNetflix trended.

Netflix acted promptly by changing the poster, but the anger didn’t cool off. Cuties was accused of “exploiting girls and courting pedophiles”. Reports has it that, Netflix has been losing some subscribers due to the effects of this movie.

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The movie since then has gotten some positive reviews from various critics. Although they admit some scenes, showing the girls twerking in such a masterful manner went on too long, which could feel very uncomfortable watching.

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