Shocking Prophecy Says Nana Addo Will Die Early 2021

nana addo will die

Odifour Kwabena Tawiah has made a shocking revelation that his Excellency Nana Addo will die from a severe ailment that will strike him before 7th December.

The founder of the church of Rabbi, Odifour Kwabena Tawiah in a press release yesterday said that Nana Addo would be the winner of this year’s election but he will not live to enjoy his presidency for the second term.

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The prophet made it clear in his prophecy that Nana Addo will die following the ailment that would strike him.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time he has made such a prophecy. About a couple of months ago, AdomOnline captured an article on their website reporting similar prophecy from the same prophet on the death of Nana Addo and some ‘big men’ in NPP.

After he made this revelation, some Ghanaians are asking if the prophecy was influenced by his hatred for the president or if it was indeed a revelation he received.

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Either ways, it would be bad news for Nana Addo and the country at large. But our prayer is that God will sustain our authorities on the land of Ghana – In Jesus name.

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