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Monday on Chandra Nandini on Atinka TV : November 30, 2020

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Vishakha says “you have helped a vishkanya and she can still kill you. Chandra says “but you won’t do it. Because no one can kill me. Vishakha asks, what do you want from me?

Chandra tells her that all he wants is the information she has about Nand. All he is requesting is that as from now, she is going to work for him. Chandra then asks the guards to set her free.


Monday On Chandra Nandini

Nandini walks to Chaya’s room, and sees she isn’t on her bed and gets shocked. “how is this possible? I have to inform Chandra”, she said. apma following the anonymous lady spying on her, but misses her and says, “who must it be that is spying on me”?

Nandini scared at the disappearance of Chaya and rushes to Chandra, and says Chaya is missing. she isn’t in her room. chandra says, “may be you are mistaken.” “when will you trust me? Nandini asks. “I’m so worried, please come.” both reaches Chaya’s room and founds her lying on the bed.

Nandini tells Chandra that when she came with medicine for Chaya, she wasn’t in her room. “may be you are short of sleep, you are mistaken and so go and rest, I will look after Chaya. I will give her medicines. And then Nandini leaves.

Chandra closes the door and Chaya wakes up. Chaya says apma almost saw me today. “you have to be careful, Chandra tells her.

( chandra remembers a past episode where he was talking to ill Chaya. He says, when will you recover? I have everything but can’t help my sister. Chaya slowly gets conscious. Chandra says Chaya open your eyes. Chaya opens her eyes, and calls Chandra’s name. after being informed about dahara’s death. “I couldn’t even see her.” She says.

Chaya hears Nandini talk to dadi and says this means Nandini didn’t kill dahara and I trust her. Chaya overheads Apama and Helena saying they killed Dahara.
it was Chaya who was disguised and informing chandra.

chandra says Nandini even after being innocent went through all this? Chaya, I need your help. you have to act as if you are still ill and help me with informations. Chaya agrees).


Chaya says Chandra that sketch of lady I gave you was here to give apma something but before I could find what it is, she almost saw me. now she is alert. chandra says good thing she hasn’t seen your face, now we have to wait for apma to make some mistake.

Chaya you have to continue with this act and apma will have to face the consequences of all that she has done to dahara. Chaya says I will keep on with this act, after all this is for you and Nandini.

Apma walks to Helina scared. Helina says come and sit. why are you so scared? did you get the poison? apma says someone saw me. Helina says what? someone saw you? who was it? did you get the poison? what If that person tells chandra? I told you it’s dangerous.

apma says we have to take risk, after all it’s because of love. people cross limits in love, but for you, you can’t do anything. can’t you take this risk for Chandra and kill Nandini? and after her death only you will be Chandra’s only wife. I find the person spying on us but as for you just concentrate on chandra.

Chandra walks to Nandini and sees she is awake and says I told you to go to and sleep. Nandini says bindusara is awake. chandra says I will look after him, you go and sleep. Nandini says you know nothing about bindusara. he is good with his mother and not you. chandra says why so?

he likes his father. I will look after him. Nandini says no you can’t and both argue. bindusara starts crying. chandra picks him up and says bindusara tell your mother you like to be with your father. bindusara starts smiling and Chandra takes him away.

Nandini hears Vishaka cry. Nandini walks to her and asks if she is fine. Vishaka says “Nandini I’m missing my parents. when I close my eyes I see them dead, I can’t sleep, I have nightmares, I can’t have food. I see blood in it, it’s so painful, why did they have to go through so much pain, how should I forget it? I want to take revenge.

I don’t know how, but I will. help me Nandini, guide me.” Nandini hugs her and is in tears. Nandini gets a sword, and says “here you go princess Vishakha, behead me, this is your revenge, this will reduce your pain, after all it was my father who killed your parents, kill me.”

Vishaka’s hand shivers. Nandini says kill me and complete your revenge. trust me I won’t have regrets infact, I will be happy to take away your pain, after all kids have to bare their parents bad deeds consequences.

Chandra walks in and says consequences should be bared by those who have committed the crime. Vishaka I will take your revenge. I have swear. I shall keep no existence of Nand’s family. dasi cooking. apma inspecting the arrangements.

the lady slowly signs apma near the storage and Apma walks and takes the poison bottle. the head cook says, Pooja is done. here is Prasad. apma adds poison to one bowl and says take this to the royal family, and this bowl only Nandini should have it. keep that in mind.

Nandini thinking about Chandra killing Nand and the whole of Nand’s family. chandra walks in and sees Nandini lost, and says I know you are hurt because of what I said, but I have to do it. I know he is your father. “he has done injustice and so should be punished but someone who is innocent why should he be punished?” Nandini asks.

Chandra says so you think Nand is innocent? “I’m talking about pandugan, he has nothing to do with this. Chandra says Nandini it’s a king’s swear and as you said children have to face consequences for their parents bad deeds, and leaves.

Chandra tells everyone that the security of the palace shall be tightened and all the food should be checked which is served to the royal family. there will be no compromise on security. Chandra says those who enter the kingdom shall be checked. The soldiers go. megasenis is worried.

There, a servant is going with Prasad and the soldiers check all servants taking food. The servant is scared and she hides behind a pillar. The soldiers go ahead to check other servants. The servant with Prasad sneaks away and goes into nandini’s room.

she tells nandini that it is the Prasad that the head chef made for the royal family members. Nandini says okay and is about to eat when a minister comes with soldiers. He tells the servant to eat the Prasad. Servant is scared and says but the Prasad was already eaten by chef and he checked.

Nandini says it must be safe minister. Minister says it is the king’s orders and they cannot ignore it. he tells the servant to taste the Prasad first.
There Helena tells apma that her plan is stupid, and what did she tell her yesterday? About love and all?

And now she has sent that servant, what if they are caught? Suddenly megasanis comes and says apma that Chandra has tightened the security of the palace and all the food is being checked. Apma says I hope the servant doesn’t get caught.

Suddenly the servant comes running dizzy and falls down. Apma and Helena are scared. Servant says the minister and his soldiers stopped me before nandini could eat the Prasad. Apma says what happened? Servant says I had to eat the Prasad as they asked me to eat it, so I ate.

nothing happened to me there so nandini said the Prasad is safe and she ate it too, after that I came here running. Apma says don’t worry you have shown your faithfulness. apma tells Helena to bring the antidote for that poison. she gives it to the servant and says nothing will happen to you as it is a small amount of poison.

Apma thinks Chandra has tightened security which means he has a doubt on me. I have to find that.
In her room nandini is with Bindusara holding him, she says we will go and change your clothes now. suddenly her eyes start closing and she gets dizzy and starts falling down.

before she falls Chandra comes and holds her and keeps Bindusara in the swing. He says what happened nandini? Nandini says I don’t know everything just felt dark. Chandra says you have not eaten anything for so much time that is why. I will call the doctor.

Nandini says no please don’t call the doctor, I am fine, you just stay with me. A servant comes and gives Chandra a letter which says you need to meet me soon, your chanakya.

Chandra goes and meets chanakya on a cliff. Chanakya says his plan has worked and mali is no more with nand now. he has turned mali against nand by telling him that parvatak was killed by vishkanya. Nand’s strength has reduced to one fourth now and they can easily defeat him.

Chandra says then we can catch nand now easily. Chanakya says not now, they shall not take that risk now, otherwise nand will excape again. chanakya says now its time for him to kill padmanand and his son pandugrat and then even you will fulfill your promise made to me.

Chandra remembers what nandini told him that pandugrat was innocent and he had nothing to do with this so leave him. Chanakya says what is he thinking? Have you forgotten your promise? Chandra says no Acharya I will fulfill it. Chandra is going when chanakya asks him has he got what he was finding? Chandra says the search is on and goes.

There apma is talking to a servant and the servant tells her that the poison given to nandini was only 1 portion, and more 2 portions have to be given then she will be dead. Chaya listens to all this and goes to tell Chandra. Apma tells the servant that soon nandini will be given the entire poison.

Chandra is in his room with Bindusara and Chaya comes scared. Chandra says what happened Chaya? Tell me. Chaya says she saw apma discussing a plan with a servant about nandini. Chandra says tell me what about nandini? Suddenly nandini comes, Chandra tells Chaya to go.

Chaya hides her face and goes. Nandini comes and says who was that Chandra? Chandra says whoever it is doesn’t matter to you. nandini says sometimes I don’t understand your behavior, you say I killed dahara, then you say I didn’t.

nandini drinks water and takes her handkerchief and coughs and keeps it and goes. The handkerchief has blood. Chandra thinks I have to meet Chaya now. Chaya goes in her room but apma is there and she is shocked.

In a flashback, apma is seen following Chaya covered in blanket. Apma sees Chaya and is shocked. Back in her room, apma tells Chaya that she is happy to see her and that she is well again, all the people in the palace would be excited to know this news.

Chandra comes and apma says, your majesty your sister is back, she is well again and standing. Chandra doesn’t say anything. Apma feels doubt. Apma says aren’t you happy king? Chandra says yes I am but shocked to see my sister standing well again.

Chandra then acts and hugs Chaya and says I am happy to see you. apma says I will tell everyone, Chandra says okay and apma goes. Chandra closes the door and says apma knows about our plan. Chaya says what do we do now? Chandra says what did you have to tell me about apma?


Chaya says I saw apma talking to a servant about poison given to nandini and she has planned to kill nandini and has already given her poison. Chandra is shocked and angry.

He goes with the doctor to nandini and tells doctor to check nandini. Chandra takes Bindusara, and nandini says why are you checking me? Chandra says because you shall not have any disease as you are with Bindusara and nothing shall happen to him.

Chandra goes out as doctor checks nandini. The Doctor goes out and tells Chandra that it is true there is poison in nandini’s body. Chandra is shocked and says don’t tell anyone not even nandini until I say so.

Chandra goes inside and nandini is coughing, Chandra relaxes her and has tears and says Bindusara today your father will tell you story. Chandra tells doctor to bring kada and she brings and gives nandini to drink.


Helina asleep wakes up to see apma near her and gets scared and asks, what are you doing here so late? you scared me. how do I sleep? apama asks. now the news I will share will scare you the more. chandra has learnt about us.

“ma I had warned you but you wouldn’t listen, now Chandra will throw me out along with you”, helena said with fear. “Chandra just knows it’s me behind dahara’s death but doesn’t know you were with me, and the lady keeping an eye on us was Chaya. she was acting ill.” Apama said.

Helina asks, why didn’t they take any action? “they are gathering proofs against us,” she replied. “ma lets stop everything. no more poisoning Nandini. helena said feeling disappointed. apma says, “I won’t step back, and don’t worry I shall leave no proofs behind. but Nandini will die.

Dadi and mora in tears of joy to see Chaya well again. apma asks Chaya to meet bindusara. Apma walks to Nandini and acts as if she has knee ache and while doing so she pins poison to Nandini’s hand. ( apma pins the needle to moora’s dupatta without her notice.) “now one more dose and Nandini will be dead”. she said to herself.

Nandini in her room, gets Dizzy and her mouth starts bleeding. she falls to the ground and calls for help. chandra rushes to her and sees her lying helpless and calls Vaidya. Soldiers starts checking helina’s room. Helina asks, what is all this about? a guard replies her that, “bindusara’s nanny is being poisoned, and so we have been asked to check everyone’s room. please cooperate.”

Helina says, “don’t forget I can punish you for this. apma says Helina we should cooperate, she is just doing her duty. today Nandini is poisoned tomorrow it could be us, so calm.” the guards leave. apma says stop overreacting, no one will doubt us at all.


Guards find moora’s dupatta having poisoned needle and a bottle of poison in her room. chandra is informed about it. “so apma this time is trying to force her deeds on rajmata? last time she blamed Nandini and this time her”? chandra says to himself. chandra shows a sketch of the lady who got poison for apama and asks that they get him the lady as soon as possible.

chandra is beside nandini on her sick bed, and memorizes the quality time he spent with Nandini. “I couldn’t save dahara, I won’t let this happen to you, I won’t let you go away from me, moora walks in and asks, “how is she”? chandra in tears says she isn’t well. moora says, “trust me I didn’t poison her, it’s true we aren’t on good terms, but I won’t do this to her. chandra, she was like daughter to me.

I didn’t do this. chandra says “ma even Nandini pleaded that she didn’t kill dahara, but we blamed her and I won’t repeat the mistake. I know it’s not you. moora asks, “if it’s not Nandini who is it? “right now Nandini is important”. chandra replied.

The lady’s sketch is circulated in Magada and the reward is announced. the lady sees it and plans to escape. the villagers see her face and guards rush behind her to get her. she get caught. Dadi asks Vaidya to do something to save nandini. Vaidya says, this poison is very dangerous. Apma says who is behind this? what does the person have to do with this poor girl? Helina says, “ma I’m worried about bindusara. Nandini talks in her state of convulsion.

“chandra, please take care of bindusara. chandra says, “yes I will.” Vaidya do something. chandra shouted. “I will fight anything to get you alive.” chandra assures nandini. Apma says, “Helina soon this will be the end of Nandini, no one can save her.”

Chanakya comes to Magada kingdom and says, tell maharaj I’m here to see him.

Chanakya asks chandra, why did you call me? chandra says, “I need your help. I know Nandini doesn’t matter to you but she does matter to me. my love is battling life and death and I don’t want to lose her. I lost dahara, and not her now,”. chanakya says, “don’t forget she killed duahara.”

“no she didn’t, dahara was killed by Apma, Nandini kept saying she is innocent but we punished her despite being innocent, she came back for me and now she is poisoned like dahara, and is collapsing like dahara. please save Nandini. if she dies, I will have no life left in me. I’m sorry if I’m going against your principles but I love Nandini. please save my love.” chanakya says, “there’s only one way, “vishkanya”.

Chandra goes to see Vishaka, she asks chandra why he is here. chandra says, I need your help. she asks, how will I help you? chandra says I know you want to kill me, but Nandini is being poisoned and she is in danger, and I want you to help her with your poison and if you help me I will release you. ask anything but save my Nandini, I love her a lot, I’m not ordering you but pleading with you. please save my Nandini.

Vaidya says Nandini is collapsing and only a miracle can save her. Chandra says vishkanya say something.
“we vishkanyas are famous for our beauty, and no one could be spared of it but you never were tricked into it, and now I know why. because you are a lover first and then a king, and Nandini is a very lucky women to have you as her husband, and for that love I will help Nandini. Chandra thanks her and asks her to come.

Chandra walks into nandinis room. Vaidya says, “we tried hard but it seems like these are nandini’s last few minutes. Chandra says please leave us alone for some time. all leaves. Chandra gets vishkanya in through a secret way. vishkanya sits beside Nandini. she adds her poison to a bowl and says asks chandra to give it to Nandini. Chandra gives it to Nandini. Nandini spits it out. Chandra stands helpless looking at Nandini breathe her last.

Apma says Helina the good news must be on its way. Dadi says, “God why is my Nandini always tested? she always does good, but look what she is facing today? Chaya says dadi don’t lose hope. Chandra walks to them feeling sad. Helina acts as If she is very upset and Apma consoling her. Chandra says, “Nandini is no more.” dadi breaks down in tears.

Chandra says I have ordered her funeral arrangements to be made. Moora walks to Chandra and says don’t cry son. don’t let this pain conquer you,and hugs him. Chandra looks at bindusara and picks him in his arms, and breaks down and cries in pain. Chandra says my Nandini is poisoned, my durdhara was killed similarly. now I shall not leave that person alive and punish them in a way that no one shall forget. my son is left motherless again.I won’t spare them. Apma and Helina get scared.

Apma in tears and says Nandini was so good, but look she is dead. she was a mother to bindusara. “ma it’s time to celebrate but you are in tears.” Helena says. “dear, learn this, you have to present this in front of Chandra. Nandini was Chandra’s love, and he won’t sit idle but since he has no proof against us, he won’t harm us. now go to Chandra. he is hurt and help bindusara, everyone should take you as bindusara’s mother.

“I hate that kid, he gives me headache”. Helena says. “if you want Chandra and mukyarani, then go and handle that kid. we have just won half of game, so get to work”. Helina leaves.

Helina walks to Chandra and bindusara. She sits besides them and says, “I know you are hurt, Nandini was your true love and now she is no more, no one can ever take her place but I would like to take her place as a mother to bindusara. he is left alone again, and I promise I will give him the love he deserves. I have ordered the servants to shift my belongings to your room so that I won’t leave bindusara alone. chandra says no Helina, I have no one than bindusara in my life. I’m his mother and father I won’t share him. Helina says ok but if you need me, do call, and then she leaves.

Bindusara plays with Chandra. Chandra hugs him and then covers them with blanket and leaves. chandra with bindusara gets into a secret room and puts bindusara on the bed and says, “here is your mother.” bindusara plays with nandini’s hair. Nandini wakes up and asks, where am I? and all that blood? what is happening? “you were poisoned. take rest.” chandra tells her. Nandini asks, who poisoned me? and sees vishkanya and says, “she did it”. arrest her. save my son. she will poison her too. Chandra says, calm down. she is the one who saved you, you were poisoned like dahara, and vishkanya used her poison to kill its effect.


(Flashback. After Nandini spits the poison. Chandra says, “don’t leave me. Nandini wake up, I can’t live without you.” nandini starts coughing. vishkanya says we have some hope. Chandra says do what you can. “we need to put her in a bathtub of poison to kill her poisons effect.” she said. vishkanya adds her poison to a bathtub pf water and bathes nandini in it. vishkanya asks Chandra not to enter as it could be dangerous for him.

the water turns green Nandini and vishkanya says, “nandini is out of danger now, but she is very weak and needs rest, they both rest Nandini on the bed. Chandra thanks her and pleaded with her to keep this as a secrete. “Nandini is alive but should be kept a secret, no one should know about it, so that I can find her and dahara’s murderer.” Chandra says )

Nandini also thanks her. Chandra says, “Nandini you are dead now and I want you to help me to find dahara’s murderer, and also I don’t want anyone to hurt you. will you be on my side.” he asks. Nandini says sure I will for dahara’s sake. but who is it? Chandra says Apma. Vaidya walks in and says she needs rest due to poison she has internal injuries. Nandini asks how will you arrest Apma? Chandra says I have a way.


Chandra in sabha with all the family members. moora asks why they are gathered? chandra says, ma I have found out something related to the murderer. The guards have caught a Greek dasi who got poison into the mahal and she conspired with dahara and nandini’s murderer.

dadi asks who she gave the poison to. chandra walks to apma and helina and says, apma, will you help me interrogate the dasi? apma asks, me? I mean sure why not? she is punishable and I will surely help. chandra says since she is from Greek, I will need your help and tomorrow morning we shall interrogate her.

Apma in her room. helina rushes to her and says, “you claim you left no evidence against us but that dasi is caught and if being interrogated, we will be in great danger. after so long chandra still hasn’t gotten over dahara’s demise and now its nandini. chandra’s punishments will be brutal.

apma says it will be just me and not you. the dasi will point at me and not you, and remember you will not stand for me, and I will have no regrets, after all i did this for my daughter.


helina falls in her feet “no maa, I cant loose you, this is not the end of the game. I’m sure you will find a way”. she said. apma says get up I’m trying to think but I haven’t found any way yet, and i don’t think there is one. helina says no ma don’t talk this way think of something. apma says leave I will find a way. helina says but, apma says I said leaves, helina leaves also.

Nandini’s feet very itchy, she tries to get up and scratch but due to severe stomach ache she couldn’t get up. chandra walks in and says, nandini we have played our first part of the game and now we have to wait for the murderer to make a mistake. nandini says good, good, ok.

chandra says where are you lost? I’m talking to you, nandini says I was listening, Chandra says no you weren’t, are you in pain? do you need my help? nandini says no, nothing just go. chandra says weird women I was helping but, nandini says chandra wait don’t go come here.

chandra says, yes, tell me. will you help me? nandini asks. chandra says off course I will, nandini says come close and blindfolds him, chandra asks, what is ṭhis? nandini says don’t question me. look, you said you will help, chandra says ok.

Nandini says, ok go down near my leg and pull my pants up. chandra starts laughing. nandini says please don’t I’m having a stomach ache so I cant, chandra says okay, nandini says my leg is getting itchy. scratch it and then she directs him.

Nandini removes his blindfold. chandra asks who will thank me? nandini says why should I? chandra okay tell me one thing you call me monkey but why are you getting itchy so this means you are a monkey and both start laughing.

Apma in her room Alone says, “that dasi is the only proof against me.” apma remembers chandra’s anger while he took an oath that he shall punish the murderer brutally, “apma says if I have to stay alive I should kill that dasi and Chandra will have no evidence against me, she picks up a knife and leaves”.

Apma walks to the jail and throws powder over them and they faint. she walks to the dasi covered in blanket and stabs her saying you are the only evidence against me you should die, chandra walks to them, apma gets scared and checks her knife and sees there’s no blood, she removes the blanket and sees there’s no one. just the pillow.

chandra says, “apma your game is over, your first mistake is to take me the king of magada as a fool and the second is to kill my beloved friend dahara”. what did that innocent girl do to you? he asks. apma says I did this all for my daughter and her love, I just want her to be your queen, chandra says does that justify your deeds?

you poisoned dahara and killed her. bindusara still has poison in his body, and is ill due to it. you didn’t just kill dahara but destroyed my family. He then ordered the guards to arrest her. apma says maharaj, chandra leaves saying I will announce her punishment in sabha. call everyone.

Helina asleep is informed by a dasi about apma’s arrest and in hurry she starts packing her belongings and says I should escape. helena then changed her mind and decided to wait as her mother said. Moora says to dadi, she is a Greek representative and her arrest wont be entertained by the Greeks but I’m with chandra, he shall never take the wrong decision.

In sabha, mantri announces that apma is being accused of killing queen dahara, poisoning prince bindusara, and also trying to kill his nanny queen nandini. trying to kill? dadi asks. mantri says, I shall present the first evidence against her and calls the lady who brought poison. she says yes I provided her with poison twice.

she is my guru and I can’t deny her. please forgive me. helina in tears. mantri says my second evidence, nandini walks in, all are shocked. nandini goes and hugs dadi. moora also comes with chaya. oh no, she is alive? helena said. “queen nandini did you have complaints after consuming poison given by apma? mantri asks.

nandini says yes. mantri asks, is this the poison found in her body? vaidya says, yes. chandra says apma do you accept it? apama accepts her crime.

“I accept my crimes and I’m solely responsible for them.” Helina asks what? and walks to Apma and slaps her, all get shocked. “ma you killed dahara? I couldn’t even dream of something like this.” helena asks. Apma says, I did this for you. for me? she asks. all this you have done? you don’t even deserve to be called a mother.

look at poor bindusara. maharaj, as mukhyarani I’m with your decision. punish her. Chandra says megasenis what is the punishment for such a crime? he says to be killed beneath elephant’s feet. Helina thinks what is he saying? “you have a deal with the Greeks and so as per treaty you can’t kill Apma and the worst you can do is throw her out of Magada.

Megasenis says to himself.Chandra say, “i wish to kill you by my hands but due to political reasons I can’t, you are punished and asked her to leave Magada.

Chandra proves Nandini innocent. Nandini hugs dadi and mora. dadi says, here is your son. see I told you you will be proved innocent. Nandini looks at Chandra in anger. Nandini in her room and remembers the day when her punishment was pronounced. moora walks in with her clothes and jewelries. Nandini asks what all this about.

moora asks nandini for forgiveness. i took you as a murderer and touches Nandini’s feet. Nandini says no rajmata. moora says in hatred and pain I forgot what was right and wrong. Nandini says please you are rajmata, it can happen. moora says you went through something you didn’t even do. if you have forgiven me then call me ma. Nandini says sure ma and hugs her.

Dadi walks in and smiles looking at them and says see I told you my Nandini will never be wrong. moora says yes, ma, I have my daughter back. Nandini please wear these. Nandini says no ma, I can’t accept it. moora says haven’t you forgiven me? Nandini tells moora that she doesn’t have interest in them anymore. dadi asks nandini to accept for her sake. “I can’t see you in these clothes anymore, if you don’t these ones I will be very angry.” she said. Nandini then agrees.

Nandini playing with bindusara. Chandra walks in calling for her. Nandini acts as if she is asleep. bindusara smiles at him. Chandra looks at Nandini and says “don’t make a sound your ma is sleeping, come and play with me. you know I have made a new room for your ma, and came here along with you but look see she is asleep, and now we all be together for ever. now let your mother rest and you come with me tonight and then he leaves.

Nandini opens her eyes and says, Chandra there was times I wanted to show you my emotions but you weren’t with me but today it’s weird I don’t want to see you. I have lost my feelings for you. today my truth, and my dignity is back but I’m not still happy.

Helina very angry and slaps herself. megasenis stops her. Helina says I slapped my mother with these hands. she left Magada and took all blames on herself for me, and all this is because of Nandini. she shatters the whole room. “it’s time to act and not loose control. if chandra he learns that you are upset about Apma, its won’t be good.

Apma will find a way but till then maharaj shouldn’t know about this.” Megasenis assures her. Chandra walks in and asks, what are you hiding? “these are gifts from my mother but I don’t want them anymore. she gave me these on my birthday when I was announced queen, but I don’t want it anymore.

I have also written a letter to my father to release you from that treaty so that you can punish her. I’m so upset and I’m embarrassed. I’m sorry.” Chandra says she is your mother you can see her if you want. Helina says, I don’t want to see her face.

Chandra says okay Helina as you wish. anyways I’m here to tell you, nandini’s mukyarani title was taken away due to misunderstanding and now we should give it back to her. helina says, sure why not? good idea. I will go and give my crown to Nandini.


Chandra says I want this to be a celebration. I had insulted her in Sabha and i will give it back with dignity. Helina says sure. Chandra says thank you Helina and leaves,Helina gets very angry.

Helina sees arrangements being made. she is informed Apma is leaving. Helina rushes to her and hugs her. Apma says what are you doing here? go. Helina says, no Ma. Apma kisses her and says you have to take care of yourself I will come back and leaves.

Nandini gets dressed. Chandra walks in and smiles. Nandini looks at him and about to leave. Chandra stops her. Nandini says, we will be late for Sabha. Chandra says you will go like this? Nandini says ma gave me these, if you didn’t like these I shall. Chandra says no I meant you aren’t ready? Nandini checks herself in the mirror and says its all good.

Chandra applies to sindoor on Nandini. Moora sees it an says its very pretty.

Pre cap : Nandini leaves the Sabha crying. Nandini says Chandra I don’t want to live as your wife.


Thursday On Chandra Nandini

Nandini asks dadi why there is a celebration today. dadi answered that Chandra has organized the celebration for her. In Sabha Chandra announces that the new throne will be placed right to the King’s throne, “both parents are important for a baby and so are a king and Queen for its people, and so these thrones will be placed together. ” He said.

Chandra then announces Nandini as magada’s true Mukyarani. Nandini objects but dadi takes Bindusara from her and asks her to go and receive her honor. Chandra walks to Nandini and holds her hand and takes her to the throne. Moora then asks Panditji to go ahead with the rituals.

Nandini looks at the crown in tears and remembers the day Chandra announced her punishment. Just when Panditji was performing the rituals, and about to place crown on Nandini’s head, she stands up and leaves crying, and says “I don’t want all this, I can’t do this anymore.” She runs away.

Meanwhile Helina was very happy. dadi tells moora that Nandini’s footsteps in a wrong direction is not a good sign.

Nandini breaks down in her room. Chandra rushes to her and hugs her and asks what’s wrong, “did I say something wrong.” Chandra asks. Nandini leaves him and walks to her trunk and says, “maharaj, I’m leaving I can’t do this anymore.”

Chandra asks why she want to leave and Nandini answered that she has lost it, the love and everything. Nandini made Chandra understand that if that should happen another time, he will still act the same way, he would treat her well but will treat her badly and so she doesn’t want to be his wife but would live in the mahal as a nanny.


“I kept saying I didn’t kill dahara, but you didn’t trust me, as a king you were right but as a husband you failed, I have no faith in you or us, I have broken completely. As a king you did justice but as a husband you treated me as a toy, you never stood for me, you made me leave everyone, insulted me, got me here as a Nanny and yet still you kept insulting me.

I can’t handle it anymore, if again such conditions arises you will again leave me, and so I should leave, Bindusara will do good without me now, so I should leave.” Nandini sorrowfully said. Chandra starts crying. Nandini thanks him. She packs her belongings and leaves.

Moora, dadi and Chaya are together. Moora says haven’t Nandini forgiven us? dadi replies that, “she has and will will never insult us, Moora further why she denied the honor then. Helena with the crown puts it back on her head and says, “it suits me and no one can take it away from me”.

Dadi assures Moora that Chandra would speak to her and she would surely listen as they both love themselves. A dasi then informs them that Nandini is leaving the mahal.
Acharya then tells Chandra not to allow Nandini go this way because of Nandini Chandra has learnt how to love and care for his people.

And also he doesn’t want a lifeless King to rule the kingdom. Nandini being out of Chandra’s life has made him lifeless. Chanakya asks Chandra to go and look for Nandini.

“Because of her love you were the greatest leader.” Chanakya said. Chandra then tells Chanakya that he want to win nandini’s confidence back. “that is not possible because you have doubted her so many times, you can only go and convince her to come back to mahal”. Chanakya said.

Then Chandra leaves in search of Nandini in the midst of the dark forest. Nandini travelling in a cart with local people, but suddenly a group of wolf arrives there, and all run away except Nandini, because her dress gets caught in a nail in the cart and wolf getting closer to her. Chandra arrives there immediately and saves her from wolves by a log of fire.

When the wolves run away she asks Chandra why is he there to save her for she can take care of herself. Chandra removes her dress which was caught in the nail, and then gives her a hand to get down from the cart but she refuses help and then gets down herself.

Chandra tells her that he was here to take her back but she objected. “please remember all the good times we spend together. I feel really good when you are around me.” Chandra said. “It is the opposite with me, because I have only sad memories spent with you, so leave my hand because it is my last decision to leave Magada.”

she leaves from there after walking some distance she meets acharya Chanakya who tells her that she had a spark in her and she just cannot leave Magada and Bindusara this way.

After listening to acharya, Nandini moves to Magada. Before Chandra reaches Magada and goes to the palace to meet bindusara, Nandini was already there with Bindusara. Chandra tells her how happy he was to see her, but Nandini interrupts him by saying that, “don’t think that I’m here for you, I’m here for Magada and bindusara.

we may be a married couple but we don’t have any such relation between us”. Chandra then ask her to be his friend so that they start their relation with a new beginning and this would also be good for bindusara.


Nandini then moves to bindusara’s cradle and take him in her arms and moves out from there, but Chandra stops her and asks her to stay with him tonight. she refuses and tells him that she didn’t want to share a bedroom with him. Chandra crosses the bed with cushions and flower petals and tells Nandini that even if they are not married couple they have to act as a parent to Bindusara. Nandini agrees and they both goes to sleep.

Chandra announces Nandini as the head queen but she refuses that title. then, Helena tries to make Chandra angry with Nandini but he ignores her then the next day dadi tells her that Chandra has gone into the forest and he is injured there.


Friday On Chandra Nandini

Helena is stopped by the guards and was told that Maharaj Chandra is with the maharani so no one is allowed to enter. Helena says, “I’m here”, thinking that Nandini has left. But she was informed by the guards that Nandini has returned.

Nandini wakes up late and says, “God how could I”? I am late to give bindusara his medication.” He confronts a dasi about why she didn’t wake her up on time and the dasi answered that Chandra asked her not to disturb her sleep.

Finding Bindusara missing on the bed, Nandini asks where he was and was told that Chandra is showering him.

Nandini walks to the bath and sees some girls starring at Bindusara and Chandra with no clothes on. She asked what they are doing there and they answered they are just admiring prince Bindusara.

She shouted at the girls to leave. She then confronts Chandra about why he has no clothes on. Chandra answers that there is nothing wrong with that since Bindusara is just but a child.

Nandini reminds Chandra that he is a king and shouldn’t leave his body uncovered this way.

Dadi and Moora were arguing about their bath details when Chaya walks in and informs them that Nandini is back but she seems unhappy. Dadi asked them not to worry as this is a normal thing in love. Moora and Dadi further argued about who will propose first between Chandra and Nandini.


Chandra walks in with Nandini and reminds them that a true Mukyarani is the one who is the people’s queen. He then presents Nandini as the true Mukyarani. Helena gets upset upon hearing this.

But as for Nandini she denied the honor and said she prefers to be just a mother. She further explains that swapping the title is like choosing between Helena and her but to her, Helena is more superior than her and so she deserves to be queen.

“a crown which will dance over a man’s wish is what I don’t want, but a mothership crown will always be mine, a mukhyarani has a responsibility of her people, I do love my people but I don’t accept this throne,” she said and leaves.

Chandra in his room, taking alcohol. Helena walks to him and starts laughing at him, and says “you are a king but look, your wife insulted you. but as for me, because of my husband’s happiness, I gave away my crown, but as for Nandini, she insulted you and said she doesn’t want you but you said nothing. To date, I never spoke against you, but Nandini insulted you.” Helena said. Chandra leaves and Helena follows him.

Nandini in her room, Chandra pulls her and says you insulted me in sabha, I gave you this opportunity because I love you, but you are a coward because you denied a king’s proposal, Nandini says enough. you have consumed alcohol, Chandra says you can’t talk to me like this, who gave you this authority? he pulls her and whispers into her ears “it’s Helena peeking, I’m just acting. I haven’t consumed alcohol, trust me and then he leaves.

The Next morning Nandini was practicing archery. she aims at an apple but keeps missing. chandra’s arrow hits the apple from the other building. meanwhile, he has attached a note to that arrow. Nandini reads the arrow and it reads, “meet me”.

Dasi gives Nandini tamarinds, she gets very happy but finds the same note from Chandra and gets angry. Chandra discussing the issue with Nandini to Moora and dadi. Chandra asks why she kept ignoring him and was eager to know how Pitamaharaj Padmanand won his heart.

Moora replies to Chandra that Padmanand never made mistakes as Chandra is making. Chandra asks what he did. Dadi slaps him and says, “he understands nothing.”

Malti asks Nandini why she gave Jeju a chance, just then she was informed that Chandra went to the forest and is badly injured, even the doctor is finding it difficult to sure him.

Nandini in a hurry hands over bindusara to Malti and then she leaves to help Chandra. after she leaves dadi and Moora starts laughing, thinking their plan is a success.

Nandini moves to the riverside and sits in a boat where Chandra is disguised as a boatman, and then he rows a boat in the middle of a river, he then he stops rowing and starts moving towards Nandini. Nandini removes a sword.

Chandra immediately removes the cloth from his face and when Nandini sees him and gets angry. while they were fighting in the boat, they fall into the water and due to this, the boat starts moving.

they reach land and start a fire to get themselves dry. meanwhile, Chandra asks her to teach him the lessons from a book, she agrees that the next day she would start teaching him.

The next morning when all were sitting in the family room, Helena comes there and asks Chandra where he was the previous night. Chandra lies that he was in the garden as he wasn’t able to sleep.

then Nandini comes there and she starts sneezing and simultaneously, Chandra also starts sneezing. Malti asks them why they are sneezing? she asks if they were together the previous night. Chandra refuses to answer. while dadi orders Helena to tell the dasi to bring hot water.

Dadi goes and sits beside Nandini and tells her that she always agrees with what Chandra tells her to do, but she tells dadi that she is thinking wrong, and nothing happened between Chandra and her.

Helena in her room gets angry at all dasis for not doing their work rightly and says that she is going to appoint someone in place of her and when she arrives she fumbles and falls and all the dasis starts laughing.

Helena orders them to leave and then immediately the trunk starts vibrating then the new servant gets afraid. when Helena opens the trunk, apama gets out of the trunk. Helena tells her to become a detective and tell her everything about Chandra and Nandini.

meanwhile, Chandra comes there and apama immediately puts on the shawl and starts running but she drops a bangle and Chandra stops her, but Helena stops him and tells him that she gifted it to her, and then apama leaves from there.

Chandra gives a letter to Helena saying that it was her father’s letter.

Chandra goes to his room where Nandini and bindusara are playing. when he enters the room he immediately closes the doors. Nandini asks him to open the door, but Chandra asks Nandini to teach the lessons from that book.


outside the room, Thoi climbs up the small drawers to see what was going on inside the room where Nandini tells him that she was his teacher and Chandra should open the door and by the time thoi falls hearing that Nandini tells to Chandra that he has kept a detective for them both too.

Chandra goes out and sees thoi on the floor and asks her what she was doing there. she answers in a stammering voice that she fell. Chandra says that with so much difficulty he got some time to spend with her and now thoi had all ruined it all.

Helena tells Chandra to let Nandini go to ashram and leave her life peacefully with the people over there. The same night, Helena goes into Chandra’s room and tells him that in the morning she will tell her about that ashram because Nandini told me that she loves men who look like a monkey.

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Everything you need to know about Chandra Nandini telenovela series below :

What Is Chandra Nandini?

The popular series, was produced by Ekta Kapoor under her banner Balaji Telefilms and is directed by Ranjan Kumar Singh. Starring Rajat Tokas as Chandragupta Maurya and Shweta Basu Prasad as princess Nandini, the story-line is loosely based on the true life story of Chandragupta Maurya.

Who Is Chandragupta Maurya?

Chandragupta Maurya, his full name from the historical story, was the founder of the Mauryan dynasty (reigned c. 321–c. 297 BCE) and the first emperor to unify most of India under one administration. He is credited with saving the country from maladministration and freeing it from foreign domination. Rajat Tokas, is a 28-year-old Indian who is thence featured in Chandra Nandini telenovela series as Chandragupta(from history).

What Is Chandra’s Real Name?

Rajat Tokas, is the real name of the central character in the popular telenovela series, Chandra Nandini.

Who Is Nandini In Chandra Nandini?

Queen Nandini was one of the three daughters of Dhanananda, the ruler of the Great Nanda Dynasty which ruled Northern India around 322 BC. According to reference in Jain Literatures Queen Nandini was married to Chandragupta Maurya as a war compensation and Dhanananda was sent to exile in the forest, became a Jain Monk.

What Is Nandini’s Real Name?

Shweta Basu Prasad, is the real name of Nandini, Chandra’s last but became first wife characterized as Mukhya Rani.

Will Nandini Give Birth In Chandra Nandini?

Nandini dies in Chandra Nandini, giving birth to Magadha’s Prince. Helena and Apama plans to kill Nandini and her baby so that Nandini’s baby cannot come into this world. But Nandini gave birth to a baby boy named Ashoka.

Is Nandini Wife Of Chandragupta Maurya In History?

No, in actual history, Chandragupta maurya did not have a wife named Nandini. Chandragupta maurya only had 2 wives, Durdhara and Helena. Background: Some historians believe that Nandini was Chandragupta maurya’s cousin (maternal uncle’s daughter) but some popular cultures portray Durdhara as daughter of Dhanananda(Padmanand in the TV series).

What Is The Name Of Nandini And Chandra’s Son?

Ashoka, is the name of the son born by Nandini and Chandra in Chandra Nandini series.

Who Is Ashoka?

Ashoka is the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya in chronological history, the son of Bindusara, also born by Nandini in the telenovela series.

Is Chandra Nandini A True Love Story?

No, Chandragupta Maurya according to history never married princess Nandini. This makes the character of Nandini in the popular Chandra Nandini telenovela series a fictitious character, or a twist in the true story produced by Ekta Kapoor.

Source: Eth Studios.

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