Love Will Never Lie Update On Monday, October 19

love will never lie


Rohan was within the car and is concerned about Mishti. He was lost in deep thoughts and was about to get hit by a car. The driver involves shout at Rohan for being lost and drunk and trying to kill. Rohan gets a call.

Veer smiles at Mishti who meets him in the parking of his apartment. He says it’s a pleasant surprise, he had prayed to God for this and came over to meet her. He holds her hand and asks if she is ok . Mishti says she is fine, then withdraws her hand. She says she also must speak to him, but not ahead of his parents. They get into the car to go out together.

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Pari sat in the room in tears. She thinks she is certain Mishti would hear her heart and would take the simplest decision. Dadi comes announcing she prepared their favorite breakfast, Dhokla for Pari and Aalu k Parathay for Mishti. She notices Mishti wasn’t there. Pari says Mishti had something extremely important to try to do. And this time, Radhika would never have to face any tensions for Mishti again. Radhika watches the childhood photo of Mishti and Pari she was watching on her telephone.

She prays and wish to get them all the happiness of this world. She says it’s difficult to bring up children without their parents, but they never made it difficult for her. They always stood beside each other, understood with one another; never judged each other and shared their emotions and feelings and handled situations extremely well. It then became their biggest strength. She wish they still accept such strength, then nothing within the world would ever trouble them.

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Pari hugs Radhika and cries silently.
Veer and Mishti walked silently in a park. Veer says he feels uncomfortable now. Mishti says she can’t marry him. Veer was during a disbelief and says she must be joking. Mishti says she doesn’t want to marry him. Veer was now annoyed and shouts if she has lost, it’s not a joke that at some point she is prepared and therefore the other day she isn’t. Mishti says she understands marriage is that the biggest milestone of their life, but i’m sorry.

Veer asks if she is merely sorry, when she even engaged him. And now their cards are also printed. He feels like a fool. Whenever he felt she was upset, he always inquired what happened but she never shared. He was never rude to her regardless of what, then what wasn’t there in their relation? Mishti replies Love. He leaves Mishti’s arms with a jerk. Mishti says she now found the important meaning of affection , but she now realized what true love is. She never wanted to betray him. She respects him and would be thankful to him for what he did. He turns to leave.

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Mishti stops him, he features a right to understand the rationale their relation is being broken. Veer was broken and wasn’t able to hear anything, he never knew this is able to be the top to his love. He tells Mishti he has always loved her. Mishti tries to prevent him but he wasn’t during a mood to concentrate to any explanations. He says he might misbehave with her if he stays.

Mishti thinks it might be wrong if she doesn’t tell him the entire truth. He would be hurt when he knows about Rohan and her, but he would surely understand her. She will try again and tell the reality, she is certain he will forgive them.
Radhika gets a call from Naina and was afraid if something was wrong between Veer and Mishti. Radhika. Naina was in a good mood and invites Radhika for dinner on Sunday. Radhika agrees.

Mishti was in a cab. She thinks she and Veer walked together but could never connect. It wasn’t his mistake, this step was necessary for her now else their lives might be ruined. She watches a few in another cab, cuddling one another, and watches Rohan and herself in situ of them. A flower vendor knocks at her mirror. She recalls Rohan once bought flowers for her and cheerfully buys a bouquet now. She thinks she was stupid and misunderstood Rohan.

PRECAP: Mishti hugs Rohan and says she told Veer she can’t marry him. Rohan tells Mishti isn’t her mistake, she doesn’t accept hurting anyone due to her.

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