Life lessons: Who Do You Really Wan’t To Be?


Henry David once said “I’ve learned to live over the years. And we are constantly invited to be who we are.” Meaning, essentially there is always a hand reaching out to invite us to leave the confinement we’ve allowed to become in life. The pressure the outside world, and attack the world that means the most to us, not obligatory but for the opportunity. Because it’s there, it’s perpetually available and that’s what Henry David Thoreau means.

The most interesting is the second we lose sight of this our lives, becoming consumed with things that really have no relevance to our goals or objectives. In fact, the daily routine becomes the goal, it’s the box that need to be checked to feel accomplished. We do things because, well isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

Adhere to rules and processes and guidelines, almost like we forget why that routine matters. Like we forget the car has to go somewhere for relevance, because you don’t just get in and drive it to drive it that doesn’t make sense.

A friend of mine recently showed me this book of insights from different photographers and it’s called the “The Photographers Playbook” and it’s life lessons that helped each one of them along the way and one that stood out to me especially was Ahndraya Parlato. She talked about a concept called “Hibernation or cutting off”, temporarily leaving your day to day or your craft so that all the « HAVE TOS » and the « SHOULD BES » can dissipate and you can ask yourself the question that we do quickly lose.

The question that should be the target that should be the foundation we build upon. My question is; who do you want to be? Because when all is said and done and you’re looking back that’s what will matter, it will dictate your happiness. Not that you were five on five on your checklist every day in your twenties, thirties, forties, and on, right? Now, what does it look like when you peel that back?

What does it look like under the surface? And what makes you, you? Sometimes we have to step back. Go away, leave the day to day world we’ve created to see life from a different angle, eliminate the steps, the requirement, the technicalities, and what are you left with?

When you put your head on the pillow at night, what makes you smile? Brownie ware stated in her book “The Top five Regrets of the dying” this book portrays how not living life true to one’s self was one of the greatest regrets people experienced. Isn’t it worthy of your time your attention? Don’t you own it to yourself to make sure that your vision is refined and your actions support that?

You must know that anyone can move just to move and anyone can breathe just to breathe. But the once who make the most of each step, they put themselves in a position to live life differently, to accept the invitation to be who they truly are, to take their inspiration, their gift and their dreams and never look back.

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